10 Hacks To Keep You Looking Good This Summer

It's getting hot and heavy, and I don't mean the good kind! The sun is blazing over our heads and it is time to get smart about the summer to keep it from stripping us of our au naturel beauty! Here's a few tips and tricks on how to keep yourself looking good this summer.

1. Lather on that sunscreen people! 

A sunscreen is something which should not be left untouched during the summers! The sun causes enormous amounts of damage to our skin that we can avoid by using sunscreens. Make sure you choose the right one; which provides you with UVA and UVB protection. 



2. Drink like a fish! 

Dehydration is the most prone occurence during the summers, and if you want to keep your skin healthy and glowing then we suggest you do drink like a fish! Water, that is. 


3. Cover up 

Because we know that the sun can be real harsh, we suggest you protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat or a scarf. To help you feel cool and keep you from being struck by the sun. And! to keep yourself from getting a nasty dull tan. 


4. Let's not melt away now! 

Literally! we all melt! Because of the mad humid heat, we sweat and then comes the BO, Which of course, we want to avoid by all means. The trick is to use waterproof makeup and to wear clothes in which your skin can breath easier so that your sweat has the chance to evoporate and disappear. 


5. Now that's a White Lie! 

No it's not, it's a white truth! We solemnly swear by the law of wearing whites in summer! The fact that white reflects heat, makes it so! much easier for us to get by during summer. Light and airy is the way to go.


6. Eye see you!

Not only is it important for you to protect your skin from the sun during summers, it is also essential for you to protect your eyes from the sun! We say go for a comfortable and stylish pair of sunglasses for yourself; a frame that suits your facial shape.


7. Do Not run away from moisturizing!

I know I know, moisturizing in summers may be seem like a pain in the neck, it may get too oily or too sticky but! maybe you're using the wrong kind of moisturizer for this weather? We recommend you invest in a water based moisturizer. Moisturizers are needed just as much in summers as they are in winters, because the heat strips your skin of all moisture. 


8. Good Ol' deodorant.

The more reliable your deodorant, the less phased you'll be by the heat, and the less phased you'll be by the heat, the more confident you'll feel about yourself! So basically,you'll be able to handle every hurdle throughout the day without feeling like a blob of melting goo! 


9. Chop It Off!

To beat the heat, you can go for a good hair cut, I mean c'mon, do you really want ot handle such long hair while you're sweating like a pig and trying to figure out what to do to not let your hair make physical contact with your own self? Restraining Order Please! Well we can't get a restraining order, but we can suggest a hair cut- which is kind of a restraining order.  


10. Kiss those lines Good-bye

Pucker up because, we haven't forgotten about your lips! The heat does almost insurmountable damage to your lips, so don't forget to keep your lips moisturized and protected from the heat and have smooth and silky lips. 

Hope Your Liked Our Tips! We'd Love to Hear if You have Any Cool Hacks/Tips for Beating the Summer & Looking Good While Doing it ! So hit us back with comments…

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