10 Reasons Girls Can’t Resist Guys Who Ride Bikes

Women just can’t resist a man on a motorcycle. We decided to find out why. maybe it’s time to update that to “tall, dark and handsome—and on a Harley.”

1. Guys With Bikes Are Risk Takers

Source: crazythemes.com

2. Women Love To Show Up At a Party on A Roaring Harley Rather Than a Boring Honda City

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3. A Guy on A Bike is Way More Spontaneous & Takes Decisions in a Snap

4. Women Love The Bad Boy Biker Look.. Intense Looks & A Brawny Stubble

Source: leojpeo.blogspot.com

5. Road Trips are 10 Times More Fun With a Bike

Source: thrillophilia.com

6. While Taking a Joy Ride At Night, Women Love the Breeze in Their Hair; Kinda Hard to Experience in An AC Car

7. All Her Girl Friends Are Going to Be So Jealous When They Find Out She's Dating a Biker!

source: dailymail.co.uk

8. A Guy With a Bike is Super Handy in The House..He Knows His Way Arounds Tools and Can Fix Anything

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9. Other Guys Want to Be Him and Are Secretly Jealous!

Source: gossipmonk.com

10. A Guy With a Bike Always Comes With a Great Pair of Jeans, Shades & a Killer Leather Jacket

source: caberz.files.wordpress.com


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