10 Reasons Why Batman Is Way Better Than Superman

Here's Why We Think Batman a.ka. The Dark Knight is The Rightful Winner of This Epic Battle Between Who The Best Superhero Is!

1. Batman is Waaay More Believable.. 

I mean, come on, a man in red underwear worn over tights who can fly and never get beaten up? What's the fun in that? Batman has had several near death encounters and injuries a human being can relate to!

Source: salondelmal.files.wordpress.com

2. The Batman Has a Much Cooler Costume.. And It Also Comes in Different Colors and Hues!

Source: mvick3d.files.wordpress.com

3. Bruce Wayne is a Playboy & a Billionaire..Clark Kent is, well A Nerd Who Never Gets Women..

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4. Superman Was Born With His Powers..Batman Had to Learn How To Fight..

Source: joblo.com

5. The Batman Has The Batmobile.. Superman Has No Cool Wheels.. Also He Reaches Places in 1 Jump (Yawn)


5. Batman Has a Dark Side to Him & Evolves Into a Complex Individual..Superman Is too Goody-Goody

Source: good-evil.net

6. The Villains The Batman Faces Are So Much Cooler.. Look at Joker-He is in A League of His Own!

Source: hifipanda.com

7. Batman Has Inspired Others to Be Super Heroes…Has Anyone Heard of Super"Woman"??

Source: batman-news.com

8. Batman Even Has a Sidekick..

9. The Batman Series Has a Much Better Plot & Characters Like Commissioner Gordon..

Superman is a 1 Man Show!

Source: flicksandbits.com

10. Batman Uses His Intelligence & Stealth To Beat Masterminds..Superman Uses Only His Fists

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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