10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl Who Knows Coding

You find her sitting on her PC most of the time, she talks tech and gets all your geeky jokes. She is not that pricey to please, she is your girl and she codes. Here are 10 reasons why you should definitely date a girl who knows how to code! 

1. The Miss Smarty-Pants By Your Side

Can dumb people code or run a program? No, absolutely not! And that’s the right answer; you won yourself a quick-wit chick!


2. Gets Your Geeky Jokes

She will understand all your geekiest tech jokes and most probably would have a great come back too. Why do they call it hyper text? Too much JAVA. LOL Funny, right?… Umm, No!


3. The Problem Solver

If she can debug a complex program; she surely knows how to solve a problem.


4. Not The Typical Annoying Witch

She will not bug you for your time or why you spent your weekend with friends. 


5. Fortune is all yours

Her pay should be enough to pay the electricity bills, the water bills and the rent and…Dude, she would always earn good!


6. Never Run Out Of Topics

Unlike other couples, you won’t have to enjoy the silence because there’ll be a lot to talk about. No, bytes and chars can implicitly be widened to an integer!


7. 404 Error – Dumbness Not Found

A normal girl sees “404 Page Not Found” error, screams and runs around before finally putting the PC on fire. Ohkay that went too far but admit it, she knows a lot about computers.


8. Maggie And Couch

A programmer she is, she has spent her majority of life eating Maggie. So, no need to spend a fortune on a date. Cook Maggie, sit on the couch and watch Interstellar! You just gave her the best date of her life.

9. The Tech Support At Hand

No need to hire a computer technician, when she is around. As they say A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned!


10. She Is Patient, Yes, She Is.

She will remain calm, not lose her mind and be patient during fights. Well, she has spent a lot of time with races and deadlocks, bearing you is actually a cakewalk for her.


Did you know that she knows that what comes between C and D? It's C+… LOL. No?! Ohkay, whatever, just tag your super-cool programmer girlfriend or friend or a friend that has a programmer girlfriend and have fun!

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