10 Ways To Spot A Jaat Boy On Delhi Streets

We have spotted them on Delhi streets wearing super-cool (expensive) clothes, riding best of the cars and bikes and being brave in a street ruckus, the Jaats, Ladies. 

They Loud, they are stylish, they speak and you know you are talking to a Jaat. We give you 10 most easiest ways to spot a Jaat on Delhi streets.


1. Is That A Thunderbird 500?!

He is a hunk so he has to ride the hunk, the classic Royal Enfield. Making us girls, turn our heads twice.


2. The Hot Bod Guys

The super muscular guy is just too difficult to ignore. Their biceps and triceps recite the story of their workout regimes.  


3. Fair And Handsome

They have altered the definition of the prince charming, for the good. They are tall, they are fair and sometimes they are so fair, Yami Gautam gets an inferiority complex.


4. A Great Ride

The powerful lads love to have powerful rides like Endeavor, Land Rover,  Scorpio, Tavera and so on.


5. Clothes Oozing Style

How the hell do they manage to look that good in everything their wear? From shorts to a tuxedo, they bloody rock everything.


6. The Fearless

They surely don’t chicken out of a fist fight but after seeing their rage, the other guy surely does.


7. Is That An Accent?

They have this cute accent all the time, which is kind of cute but their accent is somewhat enough for everyone around to understand ki Faaltu Ka Panga Nahi Lena Hain.


8. Shy Around A Girl

He accidently bumped into you and next you hear a round of apologies shoots out of his mouth.


9. Yo Yo Honey Singh And So On

No, Honey Singh isn’t Jaat but mostly Jaats just love to vibrate their cars with his songs. Their car music systems can deafen an entire party!


10. A Whole New Meaning To Swearing

A brawl hasn’t even started and you can hear Maa Ki, Behen Ki from a Jaat and that is what makes them win most fist fights.


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