11 Courses To See If You’re Confused In Life

Choosing the right field to build your knowledge and expertise in is critical to helping you land a job of your choice.

Here are a few awesome courses to help fast track your career ! Study what you love and success will surely be yours…


Marketing is central to the success of any company. If you are interested in learning the importance of brand strategy, digital marketing and the tools to succeed at these, then this free course from the University of British Columbia is perfect for you! Enroll Now!

Course Name: Introduction to Marketing

Time per week – 3-4 hours only!

University – British Columbia


With the growth of the internet, computer programming is now a necessary skill and one that can boost your resume! This free course from the prestigious Harvard University will not only teach you the basics of algorithms, but also introduce you to programming languages. Enroll Now!

Course Name: Introduction to Computer Science

Time per week – 4-5 hours only!

University – Harvard


Economics is the most universal course and can be used in any profession. Use economic models to learn how prices and markets benefit society in the face of scarcity, and then apply those models  to real life situations. This free course has been invented by Nobel memorial prize-winner Paul Samuelson and is from the prestigious university MIT! Enroll Now!

Course Name: Microeconomics

Time per week – 8-12 hours

University – MIT


Data analysis is crucial in any company. Equally important is how you present the analysis of the data to others! 

Through this free course from MIT, learn methods for harnessing and analyzing data to solve real world situations that occur in companies as well as our economies. Enroll today!

Course Name: Data Analysis for Social Scientists

Time per week – 8-12 hours

University – MIT


Across organizations, managers are expected to have sound knowledge of finance and accounting. This free business and management course from IIM Bangalore will show you how accounting information is relevant to managers, and how it can be processed and analyzed for effective managerial decision-making! Enroll now !

Course Name: Management Accounting for Decision Making

Time per week – 5 hours

University – IIM Bangalore


Brands realise the importance of being digital in today’s world. This free course is meant for students interested in marketing and learning about how to help brands through digital media. It will teach you about this shift and how it has altered the way brands communicate with their audiences. You will learn about the challenges of managing a digital brand and learn how to communicate a brand’s message through digital mediums, both paid and free. Enroll Now!

Course Name: Digital Branding and Engagement

Time per week – 3 hours

University – Curtin University



The Lehman collapse, the Greece crisis, the impact of Brexit on the Euro are all centered around understanding how the banking system works and the role of risk management in finance. Gain insights on managing risks, liquidity and solvency, securitization, credit derivatives and regulation in the context of banking and financial markets with this free course from IIM Bangalore! Enroll today!

Course Name: Banking and Financial Markets: A Risk Management Perspective

Time per week – 3 hours

University – IIM Bangalore


We all want to be happy, and there are countless ideas about what happiness is. But not many of those ideas are based on science. That’s where this course comes in!

This free course from the University of Berkely will help you discover what happiness means to you and how you can be happy in your personal life as well as how you can extend this to society around you! Learn the science behind happiness today :)

Course Name: The Science of Happiness

Time per week – 5 hours

University – Berkeley


Have a great business idea but don’t know any techies? Don’t worry! This course from the University of Berkeley will help you learn how to translate ideas into code super fast. Learn the principles of programming that are essential to convert your idea into a digital asset. Learn how to code for free by yourself- a skill that will make you stand apart in today’s internet crazy world.

Course Name: The Beauty and Joy of Computing

Time per week – 5 hours

University – Berkeley


This free course from MIT aims to help you cultivate your leadership skills. Being a great leader requires the ability to be passionate about your own views and also be an active listener at the same time. Companies are made up of diverse ideas and this course teaches you how to become an effective leader by channeling your own passion and bringing people together for a common objective! Enroll Now!

Course Name: Leading From the Emerging Future

Time per week – 5-10 hours

University – MIT


Algorithms power the biggest web companies and the most promising startups. Interviews at tech companies start with questions that probe for good algorithmic thinking.

In this free course from IIT Bombay you will learn how to think about algorithms and create them using sorting techniques. This course could really help you in an interview with a tech or digital company as knowledge of how algorithms work is useful in understanding how these companies work. Don't wait, enroll now!

Course Name: Algorithms

Time per week – 8 hours

University – IIT Bombay


Your future is waiting for you to shape it! In today's world everyone needs to stand out to make sure their career is outstanding. Choose the course that matches your passion and fasttrack your career today :)

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