11 Reasons Why Bearded Men Are The Hottest

We are today going to gab about men, not kid but men with beard and puh-lease, I said men with beard not grizzlies. A man with beard will always score higher than the man (kid!) without beard and reasons are apparent.

Here Are 11 Reasons Why Men Are Way Hotter With Beards!

1. Difference Between A Man And A Kid

Have you seen a kid with a beard, ever? Men are manlier with a beard.


2. The Tuxedo Man

He has a beard and he is all set to don a tuxedo. Men with beard rock tuxedos!


3. The Bad Guy With Good Looks

The bad boy look they ooze with that rugged look. Worth Drooling!


4. The Man Of Mystery

There is a mystery to every bearded man, or maybe not but they surely look full of mysteries and chicks totally dig that.


5. The Patient Side Of Him

If he waited to grow such a masterpiece; he surely has got more patience than the clean shaven kids.


6. The Centerpiece

At a party or a get together, he surely will outshine the others.



7. Goes With Everything

A beard goes with whatever he wears. Casual, formal, party and what not, bear goes with every attire, every look.


8. Isn’t A Thing To Toy With

Girls, beware. He isn’t your regular “toyboy”, he isn’t up for any games, so refrain from playing around.


9. The Class

Men with beard look classier and what girl doesn’t crave a classy man!


10. The Dominance

He looks like that Alpha Male, controlling everything and everybody else.


11. He Can Turn You On

Just the sight of a man with a light beard and a smirk can turn you on.


Do you agree with the list or you don’t or do you have something you want to share, go on just comment!

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