11 Spooky Places In Delhi You Should Only Visit With Your Daring Buddies

Today, we decided to list some reportedly haunted places that you can explore with your friends. Of course you can go alone but are you sure you want to? 

1. Delhi Cantonment

Presumably one of the safest places in Delhi because of the Army, the Cantt is believed to be home to the spirit of a lady who died here in a car accident. Many people have complained of the presence of an old lady clad in a white saree with grey hair and hairy hands trying to stop passers-by.



2. House No. W-3, GK-1

An elderly couple was murdered in this house and their bodies were found in the underground water tank months later. People have reported hearing sobbing, bone chilling screams and other sounds coming from the house. It’s desolate now and allegedly haunted. 


3. Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, Vikram Nagar 

Built back in 1354 by Feroz Shah Tuglaq, this fort is said to have Djinns residing in the ruins and the dark halls. Every thursday, the locals gather at the fort and can be seen lighting candles and praying to the djinns for their wishes to come true. 


4. Dwarka Sector 9, Metro Station, Dwarka  

People travelling past this metro station in call centre cabs have complained of a supenatural energy slapping them and a woman appearing and disappearing along the car at high speeds. I'm sure you can drive past this one! 


5. Khooni Nadi , Rohini 

Flowing across Rohini, the myth about this river is that whoever enters this river gets sucked inside. Although, half the cases are considered suicide, there's still no proof. 


6. Sanjay Van, Near Vasant Kunj and Mehrauli

A green belt of around 10 kms, Sanjay Van is located in the heart of South Delhi. It is said to be haunted as it houses numerous  Majaars (masoleums of sufi saints). A lot of people have reported crying children, pushing and clawing each other. 


7. Malcha Mahal, Bistdari Road

Located in a village called Malcha, this place is surrounded by forests that make the Delhi ridge. Very little is actually known about the inhabitants of this place. They say, just being present here is scary enough for even the most daring to handle. 



8. Nicholson's Cemetery, Civil Lines 

Nicholson's is one of the oldest cemeteries in town dating back to the British era. In fact, there are a lots of graves of British Soldiers, their wives and children. As soon as one enters, one can feel a supernatural presence following them in the deafening silence here. 


9. Jamali Kamali Mosque, Mehrauli

This mosque is situated in the Mehrauli Archeological Complex in New Delhi. It was named after a Sufi Saint, Shaikh Jamali and his aide Kamali. Their tombs are situated next to each other inside the mosque premises. People have reported being pushed and slapped. Some have even reported the sounds of growling animals and women laughing. The mosque is closed during nighttime but one can procure permission from the ASI to investigate further. 


10. Agarsen ki Baoli, Connaught Place 

Agarsen ki Baoli is a step well from the pre-independence era near Connaught Place. It is said that the step well was filled with black water which used to lure the onlookers to jump and end their lives. 


11. Khooni Darwaza

The name itself sounds eerie, doesn't it? Khooni Darwaza is the place where the British shot the three surviving sons of Bahadur Shah Zafar. Legend has it that the three mughal princes still haunt the doorway to avenge their public humiliation.

So go out there. Explore. But. At your own risk! 

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