11 Things Your Girlfriend Says When She Is Mad

"Never underestimate the power of an extremely pissed off woman"  

The last person you ever want to pick a fight with in the whole universe is a girl who is angry, especially if that girl is the one you like! The weapon she chooses to attack you with is her razor sharp tongue. 

So, if any girl you know has used one of these phrases, she is definitely mad at you.

1. "No, I'm not mad at you. Why would I be?"

Dude! You are in deep trouble. You better figure out why is she mad at you!


2. "Don't talk to me for sometime"

She expects you to talk to her in the most comforting manner. You are not supposed to ignore her right now..Trust me, worst moment to ignore her.


3. "She is better than me. Right? Why don't you date her?"

Don't think. Just Say NO! If she catches you really thinking about this even momentarily, you better be prepared for a war.


4. "Don't you love me anymore?"

You're thinking "Why is she asking me this" BUT what you actually say is "What! Of course not, I love you more than I did yesterday"


5. "K." or "Ok"

These single letters are capable of ruining your day. She usually is pretty verbose on Whatsapp and suddenly you only start getting monosyllablic responses. Buddy, she's mad. 100% she's mad. It's a sure shot sign ki tune kuch mess up kar diya.


6. "Forget it! You won't understand."

Don't forget it  and Try to understand. Rewind and think about what you said in the last 10 minutes that could have ticked her off


7. "No, nothing's wrong."

Trust me buddy, everything is wrong. You better start making it right.


8. "Do what you want!"

This is a dare, not a permission. So, DON'T DO ANYTHING.


9. "You always do this."

Never disagree to this statement if you don't want a year old proof to pop up. Trust me, women remember everything.


10. "Who is that woman you just followed on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter?"

You should have thought twice before hitting that FOLLOW button.


11. "I hope you are happy now?"

Even if you are laughing on the inside, put up the most mournful face ever.


Women will always be complex creatures, but let's just agree that life is Wayy more fun with them around. Just keep an ear out for these phrases and you'll do fine :)

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