12 Problems You Face If You Don’t Drink

Drinking or NOT drinking is a personal choice..Yet teetotalers i.e. people who choose not to drink often get questioning looks and people wonder why they do not drink.

In my opinion, it's totally cool either way! 

But If you do not drink and have friends (and especially work colleagues) who do, you will totally relate to the below struggles!

1. You Are Exhausted of Explaining to People Why You Don't Drink Over and Over…

When You Aren't Drinking & No One Asks You Why for The Whole Party, You Are Like...

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2. People Make Really Really Dumb Jokes About You Not Drinking..

And Then Laugh At Their Own Jokes Because They Are Drunk..

3. Alcohol Always Delays The Food And You Are The Only One Who Cares!

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4. Everybody Will Make Atleast 1 Effort To Make You Have 1 Sip..

It's Their Goal in Life To Make You Taste Something made of rotten fruits…

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5. Since You Don't Drink, You Are The Official "Caretaker" of All Car Keys and Phones!

You Have to Make Excuses to Everyone's Parents and Boyfriends/Girflriends! And Do it With a Smile!

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6. You Have to Spend the Night Dealing with your Friend’s Life Crisis…

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7. The Worst is When They Ask you stupid questions like, “Are you having fun?” or, “Do you wish you could be drunk?”

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8. You Also Realize You have Friends that Won’t Hang out with you When You Are Sober & They Are Not…

Apparently You Are No Fun and Kill Their "High".. Oh, and they feel bad for you that you have to watch them drink and get bored…

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9. You Often Wonder What The Hype is About and Worry A Little That You Don't Understand It..

Especially When 95% of Your Friends Clearly Do!

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10. If You Are A Girl, People Presume you Don't Drink Because Your Boyfriend Has a Problem With It…

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11. If You Are a Boy And You Don't Drink, Then People Ask If It's Against Your Religion/Family…

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12. The Worst Part About Not Drinking When You're Friends Are..

The Awkwardness You Face When You Realize You Are The ONLY One Who's Sober and You Leave Early..

And Miss Out on Some Funny Stories-Because When Your Friends Get Drunk, There is Always a Funny Story or Gossip at then end of the night!

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