12 Signs You Studied At a Fashion Institute

The deadlines, submissions, the staying-up- all-night to compile your portfolio, and the constant running marathons to the printing and xerox shops; not a piece of cake! Here are 12 signs that will make you sigh in bitter-sweet nostalgia and are solid proof that you studied at a Fashion Institute. 

1. Ungodly hours of work.

The hours that you work at are literally the strangest and the most disintegrated; I mean you slept after coming back from class and woke up at around dinner time just to keep working till 6 a.m. in the morning. Why you ask? Well, because! you have a submission coming up and inspiration-and motivation for that matter- doesn't hit you until such forbidden hours arrive. 


2. No inspiration? Might as well go jump in a well, then

At least that is what your professors preach. If you've got no inspiration or passion for whatever it is that you're working on, then the outcome will be a sad, sad, sad trip down the hill (did I mention Sad?). Which is why you take measures such as Oh-I-Don't-Know going into spiritual seclusion up to to the top of The Himalayas just to get inspiration. No Joke.


3. The Printing Shop- Home Sweet Home.

Standing in what seem like unending queues leading out of printing shops- Why do I see everybody from my college here?! what are you people? workaholics!-But then you can't deny the fact that you are sort of addicted to the smell of fresh printed paper. 


4. Jugaad is your word. Heck you own the Jugaad swagger!

The Georgette fabric in your garment got burnt and your model is sick so she can't show up for your photoshoot- with which you'll be creating a portfolio to send to Tarun Tahiliani. What do you do? You replace the Georgette with Chiffon which you found lying somewhere at the back of your closet, ask one of your batch mates to do the photoshoot in your garment aaand! get the internship with Tarun Tahiliani Boom! Jugaad! 


5. The Submissions Never end!

Never! I mean from the beginning of the semester till the end it is war, it is a battle field, it is a nightmare and you better be ready soldier! Can I Get A "Yes Sir!"? When the semester begins you only have a few days until you enter the realm from which you can never return. 


6. Annual Design Collection coming up? You'll need a suitcase or two maybe! 

At the end of the year you have your Design Collection Showcase, You also! need to take everything your models, your garments and you might need at the showcase, hence the suitcases. And there is no telling how many you'll be needing. 


7. The tailor lady across the road is your salvation!

You've got this fabric stitching submission and this ain't no submission this is you getting pinned up by an army of daggers or if not daggers, then needles? Well, not literally, but that is how it feels anyway. I mean you have no idea what to do with the needle in your hand, why does it keep pricking you? Ouch! So you run to the tailor across the road and you tell her do whatever it required; Don't worry though this is not cheating, this is surviving.


8. What's in a name?

Well, for one, the stationary shop, the printing shop and the fabric shop owners around town all know you personally. They may even know that you have a submission coming up today, and kind of materials you may need!


9. "Pleaase design my wedding dress!" Uhhh no, and even if I did, that would  be 2 million dollars, k thanks. 

Why do all your friends, and even people that aren't your friends assume that you will design garments for them, and that too for free!? Also, to the people that aren't even you friends- "When was the last time we talked?"


10. All hail Photoshop, CorelDraw and Illustrator! 

Seriously, nothing during your time at college would've manifested itself if these three softwares didn't exist! "What would we do without you?!" 


11. The internet is literally a black hole for you! A Void.

How much can you run to the Google search engine and expect to find something new everytime? especially with submissions hitting you back to back, like Bam! Bam! Bam!  So, you only, truly rely on your own mind. 


12. It's a rat race!

When people have that awestruck expression on their faces, or they try and compliment you on your career choice and how they think that you aspiring to work in the Fashion Industry is all unicorns and rainbows. Errrr I don't think you understand, it's a circus up in here! It really is, I mean getting to that place of your dreams is a walk over fire. 


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