12 Things You Should Never Do On Your First Date

Just planned your first date with him/her? Remember, as cliched as it may sound, your first impression is the last impression. As the clock ticks and it's almost time, a lot of funny thoughts and apprehensions are going to seep into your head. What do I wear? What am I going to talk about? Should I tell them this? Should I tell them that? One thing- just relax and be yourself. That's the best you cn do! And for everything else, read these 12 things you should definitely refrain from doing. 

1. Ask To Take a Friend On The Date 

You definitely don't want to come across as someone who lacks confidence. So just muster the courage and go alone! Don't make anyone third-wheel! 


2. Wear Something Dirty 

Not dressing appropriately might give out the impression you're not too interested and carefree. So dress well. Don't go overboard but look presentable. 


3. Don't Turn Up Drunk Or High 

Okay, so this is probably one of the worst mistakes you can make. You might think it's going to boost your confidence, but it's just going to make you consume a lot of alcohol in a short span. Result – Disaster 


4. Don't Eat Stuff Before Or During That Date That You Know Will Give You Gas or Bad BRreath

You know what's going to happen if you do. 


5. Get Super Drunk 

Getting super drunk might work against you. You might end up saying/doing stuff you don't want to say/do and hence, cringe! And it's even riskier if you're going to be driving your date back home. Also, Make sure to get her home safe and sound. 


6. Avoid Scratching Your Private Parts

Enough Said. And if you have to – Be Stealth. 


7. Don't make comments (positive/negative) about other guys and girls in the room. 

Look at that girl. Stare at that Girl. NO! 
Don't come across as a player by talking about other girls/guys in the room. Stay focused and make your date feel special. 


8. Just Talk About Yourself 

I, Me, Myself. I've done this. I won that. STOP. Let the other person talk. Make them comfortable. Make them feel important. 



9. Talk Sex, Ex Or Marriage 

Talking about your previous sexcapades will make your date thing you're easy to get into bed with and you probably do this all the time. NO NO. You don't want that happening. It also gives out the impression that you're still not over your ex and you carry some emotional baggage – and trust me, know one wants to share the load with you. 


10. Say You Want To Get The Entire Bill

It's a good way to assess your date as well. Dutching is the best way to go about settling the tab. And if they don't even flinch at the sight of the cheque and expect you to get it – it's really not worth it! 


11. Show Up Late

Try this at your own risk and tell us how it goes! 


12. Be On The Phone

Put the phone on the table facing down. Make your date feel important. You don't want to act all cocky and act busy. 


So next time you go on a date, remember these 12 things. And tell us how it goes! Don't forget to leave your comments with what else one can avoid! 

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