13 Horror Movies So Scary, You Cannot Watch Them Alone!

These movies are so disturbing and scary, I guarantee you cannot watch them without a room full of buddies!

Anybody up for a night of popcorn, sleeping witht the lights on and getting scared at every sound the wind makes?

Here is the List of 13 Scariest Movies Ever to Be Made!

1. The Exorcist

This classic horror series has to be numero uno. This story of an innocent little girl possessed by an evil demon has been captivating audiences since the movie’s release in 1973.

Scariest scene: When she turns her neck around on the bed!

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2. Antichrist

Antichrist blends sodomy and sadness in such a way that it sticks in your sub-conscious. After the death of their only son, a couple seeks solace in a cabin and then starts a cringeworthy and sadistic story of violent sexual behaviour.

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3. The Human Centipede

A deranged German surgeon kidnaps three tourists, removes their teeth, rips out their knee caps, and to our utter disgust, attaches the three ‘mouth to anus’ to fulfill his grisly fantasy of making a human centipede. Boo!

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4. The Blair Witch Project

What makes this movie super scary is the fact that it is supposedly based on a true life story. And it's shot from a handycam giving it an even more real and personal viewpoint.

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5. Nekromantik

One of the cheesiest titles for a scary movie ever, Nekromantik makes the plot very clear. A road cleaner brings a rotting corpse home for himself and his demented girlfriend to have sex with and soon discovers that his girl is now sexually obsessed with the dead body.

If you can eat food after watching this, you have a stomach of iron!

Source: highdefdigest.com

6. Begotten

There is not even a single dialogue in the movie but the background score is so horrifying that it simply makes the dialogues irrelevant. That, for me, is the hallmark of a true scary movie!

Source: wearmoviegeeks.com

7. Bhoot

Our very own RGV's Bhoot, is undoubtedly one of the most terrifying movies ever. 

Source: wikimedia.org

8. The Shining

In this terrifying slasher horror movie, Jack Nicholson’s character turns crazy and goes on the rampage, chasing after his family through a haunted hotel to try to kill them. Also-it has Jack Nicholson!

Source: sbccfilmreviews.com

9. The Ring. You Must Also Watch Its Japanese Original The Ringu

Taking the often laughable threats of viral emails and memes to a truly terrifying conclusion, this movie involves a haunted video tape which threatens to kill anyone who does not show the tape to someone else within seven days of watching it.

Source: gizmodo.co.uk

10. The Phantasm

Reaching back into the classic horror archives once more brings out “Phantasm”, a 1979 horror movie featuring a mysterious figure known intriguingly as the Tall Man. This sinister figure steals bodies from funeral homes for his own creepy purposes which are slowly revealed as the movie unfolds.

Source: moviestalk.com

11. The Silence of The Lambs

Watch this one for Anthony Hopkins' unbelievable performance. It was so convincing, many thought he was actually a cannibal. He had to make a public announcement that he never tasted human flesh and had no intentions of doing so in the future!

Source: bestgirlgrip.wordpress.com

12. Dawn of The Dead

Source: thatwasabitmental.com

13. Friday The 13th.

Just because we had to end with 13 points and with Friday the 13th. But also because of this legendary scene-Alice has survived a hellish night that saw all her friends butchered around her. She managed to take down the killer herself and sought refuge in a small boat. The cops arrive. She is relieved. And then the deformed boy, Jason, leaps out of the water behind her. And we all scream like hell.

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