13 Places In Chandigarh A Guy Can Eat At With Just Rs.100

Chandigarh- the dream city of India's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Designed by the french architect Le Corbusier, it is considered to be one of the best experiments of urban planning and modern architecture in India. Well, the city is not just famous for its Bade Dil Wale Punjabis, Soni Kudis and Sector Sitaara(17) market. Chandigarh has an amazing number of places where you get pretty cheap lip-smacking food. So, without further ado, here are some places you should definitely visit when the exchequer is low! 

1. Garg Chaat, Sector 23

If you're craving chat in Chandigarh, definitely give this one a try. From crunchy golgapaas to crisp tikkis, this place has it all. Oh and not to forget, the amazing chutneys and the golgappe ka paani. 

Where: SCO 34, Sector 23, 

Cost For One:  Less Than Rs. 100 


2. Brick Firewood Pizza 

A filling pizza for just Rs.100? Yes, you heard that right. The place freaking serves pizzas for just 100 bucks, and according to a few – if you ask for extra topping, "dil se" daal ke detein hain. 

Where: 1, Sigma City, Lohgarh, Zirakpur, Chandigarh

Contact: 0176 2522989, +91 9501529804

Cost For One: Rs. 100 (without extra toppings)



3. Burger Point, Sector 32

Logo looks similar to Burger King? You might not be disappointed with the burgers either. And well, according to a reviewer on Zomato "their burgers come out on tops when compared with McDonalds, KFC etc". 

Where: Shop No. 348, Sector 32 D, Chandigarh

Contact: 0172 5000338

Cost For One: Rs. 100 


4. The Indian Coffee House, Sector 17

Enter the place for its vibe. Feels like you've gone back in time. A truly amazing experience in all senses of the word. South Indian food served on Bone China cutlery- this place is a must try if you're in Chandigarh. 

Where: SCO 12, Sector 17 C, Chandigarh

Contact: 0172 2702804

Cost For One: Rs. 100 


5. Gelato D'Italia, Sector 8 

Accrding to some, the coffee here tastes much better than CCD. The place is amazing to have a sandwich and sip on a nice hot coffee. 

Where: Booth 57, Sector 8 B, Chandigarh

Contact: +91 9803861905

Cost For One: Rs. 100 

6. Amritsari Kulcha Hub, Sector 9

YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS ONE. Delicious hot kulchas with an amazing gravy and sour onion chutney just priced at Rs. 40/plate. Get here on time because this guy runs out of his food before the place shuts down.  9AM-4PM. 

Where: Booth 106-107, Sector 9 C, Chandigarh

Contact: +91 8699397935, +91 9041369092

Cost For One: Rs. 80



7. Bholey Di Hatti, Sector 44

What you have to try at this place is the Kadi Chawal, Chana Chawal and the Rajma Chawal. 

Where: Sector 44 D, Chandigarh

Contact: +91 9915522220 +91 8968070555

Cost For One: Less Than Rs. 100 


8. Classic 44, Sector 37

Bakery TIme! No seating though. So what?! You could stand outside and eat. Cheese patty and the chicken rolls are to die for. The place is an amazing option to grab a quick bite. 

Where: 118, Sector 37 C, Chandigarh

Contact: 0172 2626193

Cost For One: Less Than Rs. 100 


9. Bawa Juice Corner, Sector 20

The place actually started as a cigarette shop that used to serve lemonade as well. Though it's been eons since the place started, the lemonade just seems to be getting better with time. So basically, you know what to try here- The freaking lemonade. 

Where: SCO 55, Sector 20 D, Near Sector 21, Chandigarh

Contact: +91 9876506358

Cost For One: Less Than Rs. 100 


10. Sodhi's Zaika, Sector 46

Typical fast food and street food, the most recommended dish at this place is the Chana Kulcha that just costs 50 bucks! 

Where: Booth No. 19, Sector 46 C, Chandigarh

Contact: +91 9878422225, +91 9878422226

Cost For One: Rs. 50


11. Fruit Cocktails, Sector 44

A juice bar in the middle of the city where you can enjoy wi-fi as well (so they claim). The place is pretty crowded in the evenings. The Soda Lassi here is a must have. 

Where: Shop 45, Sector 44 C, Chandigarh

Contact: +91 9988576778

Cost For One: Rs. 50


12. Raju Chinese Fast Food, Sector 23 

Okay, you must have been thinking that I haven't mentioned chinese till now! Ae Lo Ji, Chinese bhi aa gaya. Head to Raju Chinese fast food if you're looking for one of the best street chinese food experiences of your life. Don't go by the size of this place. They have some master chefs whipping dishes that'll take you back to this place again and again and again. 

Where: 78, Sector 23, Chandigarh

Contact: +91 9915431018

Cost For One: This one might go a tad steep if you're going lavish. But under 200! :)

13. Umeed, Sector Sitaara(17)

Not the biggest of establishments, but seems like Chandigarh people seem to love this place. A small little tuck-shop in sector 17, the place serves as a checkpoint for passers-by for chilled beverages and ice-creams. 

Where: Sector 17 Market, Chandigarh

Contact: +91 9988654333

Cost For One: Less Than Rs. 100

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