13 Signs You Are a Talkative Man

You just need a reason and you can blabber without pause. Okay, you don’t even need a reason and you can talk like forever. When you start, you are like a talking drone and will not stop until someone pulls out the wire.

Here are 13 obvious signs that you are a talkative and obviously love talking!

1. Let It All Out

You constantly feel that you have so many things that you cannot hold inside, you feel the need to speak and let it all out.


2. Great Story, Now Hear Mine!

You don’t really like listening, talking is your thing.


3. Hate Long and Silent Journeys

You hate the long distance journeys, especially when you are alone and have no one to blabber with.


4. Screw Sense and Talk!

Half the time you don’t really care if you make sense or not.


5. The Storyteller

You never run out of stories. You are like Navjot Singh Sidhu with uncountable number of stories.


6. You Rule A Group Discussion

You feel the need to own a group discussion. You make sure they hear you without interrupting.


7. You Don’t Rat Out Of A Debate

No, never have you bailed out of a good debate opportunity. Yay, Arnab, Way to Go!


8. You Are Not Shy

You are not shy. Not at all. You will be the one to strike up a conversation.


9. From Where Do You Get The Energy?

You have heard this questio like a million times, “Itni Taakat Lata Kaha Se Hain Yaar?”


10. Who Needs A Topic, Surely You Don’t.

You don’t need topic, you can gab on anything that exists or doesn’t.


11. There Is No Pause Or Stop Button

You don’t know it or just ignore that you can go on and on without any pause, commas and full stops…


12. All Night Long

Night calls bring out the best in you; you can talk all night long and will not feel a thing. Don’t know about the person on the other side of the phone though! 


Okay. Now stop talking! 

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