13 Unmistakable Signs You Are An Introvert

Let’s get one thing straight: No one is completely and utterly an introvert. People aren’t either introverts or extroverts; they are a combination of both. However, some people are much more introverted than others.

Want to know if you're an introvert? Read up… (If you love reading, you are one step already ahead of everyone else!)

1. You Love People. Just Not Many People! 

Contrary to what many people believe, you love people. You are just very choosy about who you want to be with. 

source: goodreads

2. Your Idea Of A Perfect weekend Is.. Netflix/ Books, Coffee/ Wine And Bed

Who wants to be around weird people with rank breath after a binge drinking session, when you can spend your time peacefully in your ultra comfy couch/bed! 

absolute perfection! 

source: youtube

3. Your Mind Is Your Playground.. Sometimes Literally

Introverts are immensely talented in creating a world of their own!

Dream on baby! 

source: tumblr

4. Books Are Your Favorite Things.. And So Are TV series'

From Agatha Christie To Dan Brown, from Dexter to Game Of Thrones. You love your portals to fantasy lands. 

Need I mention, you can gladly sacrifice your sleep for binge watching/ reading these? 

source: tumblr

5. You Don't Like Things, You Obsess Over Them

You don't like just about anything and everything. You tend to be very picky about everything, and that's why when you really like something or someone, you obsess! 

Fandoms are made of you people! Be Proud! 

source: tumblr

6. You Prefer Observing Over Interacting

Interaction is for normal people. You're too cool for it. 

You like to watch people from a distance because you hate to make small talk, which according to you is a supremely bad idea! 

source: tumblr

7. You Get Impatient Trying To Explain To Your Friends That You Really Don't Feel Like Going Out

8. You Often Wear Your Headphones To avoid Interacting with people

So that nobody can disturb your solitude, and you can go on observing humans from a safe distance. 

Ah, you sly creature! 

source: warwicksu

9. Your Inner Monologue At A Party Is Something Like: 

source: tumblr

10. You Hate Surprises.. 

.. Unless they are canceled plans. In which case, your reaction probably is: 

source: tumblr

11. You're A Great Listener And You Are The Agony Aunt Of Your Circle

You don't talk much, but when you do. You give great advices! 

source: tumblr

12. You Often Get Lost In Your Thoughts, Even When Someone Is Talking To You

You get the gist of what the conversation is about.. Oh You have a cat? I see.. I would love a cat of my own, No wait.. Aren't cats supposed to be selfish, but they are also kinda cute.. How about a dog? But which dog? Great Dane or Labrador, or how about a German shepherd! 

You know what I mean..  :)

source: reactiongifs

13. You Might Feel Uncomfortable In Crowds, But You Totally Rock Your Element

Introverts.. unite! Wait, never mind.. 

source: healthhabits

Is that totally you, or someone you know? We would love to hear!

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