13 Things Every Indian Guy Has Heard Their Parents Say

We list out 13 most clichéd things that you must have heard your parents say, every once in a while. I bet every Indian kid has heard these!

1. When I Was Your Age…

Mom and dad, if you are reading it, I want you to know that I don’t want to know what you were like or what you did when you were a kid… 

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2. Dekho Sharma Ji Ke Bete Ko

This is the most clichéd and pakau thing that parents say, "Papa FYI, Sharma Ji ka Beta Mishra Ji ki beti ko leke bhag gaya, kya dekhu…"

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3. You can talk to me about anything!

Beware! It’s a trap. Don’t fall for “You can talk to me about anything”. It basically means that they want to know some gossip about you which they suspect but need to confirm. 

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4. Kaun tha wo ladka

You go to meet your "friend" and mom drops you off. You return home and she is standing there with hands on her waist, “Kaun Tha Wo Ladka?”

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5. Ye koi time hain ghar aane ka

Moms and Dads have this habit of exaggerating the things. Ye Koi Time Hain Ghar Aane Ka and you are like, “Dad it’s just 9…”

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6. Log kya kahega bete

I want to color my hair. Log kya kahenge. I want to become an artist. Log kya kahenge. I want to breathe. Log Kya kahenge. Whutt??

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7. Kyu chahiye itne paise

Dad, can I have 10 rupees? Kyu Chahiye Itne Paise. *Awkward silence*

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8. Hamesha phone pe laga rehta hain ya Facebook pe

For parents, our phones and Facebook are the biggest fusses ever. And seriously, we have no solution to it. We can’t leave our phone and we can’t stay out of Facebook. Best Solution- Introduce your Mom to Whatsapp and see if she doesnt get addicted to it!

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9. What Did You Just Say?

Something that parents say when they don't want you to say the thing that you just said. Huh?

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10. Beta Bas Graduation Kar Le, Beta Bas Shadi Karle And So On

There is no end to their wishes. Beta bas graduation karle, beta bas shadi karle, beta bas marja…

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11. Khana Banana Nahi Ata, Sasural Me Kya Karegi?!

Your Rotis Are Not Round; No One Will Ever Marry You! How come my culinary skills decide my fate?

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12. Where are you going?

You are in a really good mood, you are about to meet your friends and as you are just about to leave the house, this question is thrown at you to catch you off guard.

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13. Why Your Friends Have More Marks Than You?

Parents, can you please stop comparing us to other kids? Because that would be very nice of you if you could. Thank you!

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So, what do you think about our list? Do you think we missed something, comment and let us know or share it with your friend that you think will relate to this list of "Clichéd Yet Sarcastic Parentisms"

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