13 Things People Living Away From Home Will Totally Understand

Moving out of the house is always exciting. You think of independence and freedom and late nights with no rules. 

BUT, post 3 months of all of the above, these are the 13 struggles you face which make you homesick. We've got some useful tips on how to lessen the load!

1. Shopping for Daily Groceries is a Full Time Job. You Wish You Could Have an Assistant To Do the Same!

Useful Tip: Try ordering online – BigBasket or Grofers.com (makes life easy)

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2. You Are Used To Being Woken Up-By a Human and Not a Damn Alarm Clock Which Is Why You Are Always Late!

Useful Tip: Put the alarm clock/phone in a glass-the amplified noise will wake up both you and your neighbors

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3. Maid Hiring is Not As Easy As It Looked When Your Mom Did It. Plus They Are Always Wanting a Pay Hike-What's With That?

Useful Tip: There are cleaning services like KeentoClean and Cleansweep nowadays to the rescue!

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4. Your Speed Dial Has The Plumber & The Carpenter

Useful Tip: None, You Need Them on Speed Dial Actually

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5. The Savings You Thought You Had Will Vanish. All You WIll Be Left With Is An Excel File That Makes You Feel Poor

Useful Tip: Take 40% of your salary and transfer it to your parents immediately!

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6. You Recall Your Mom Telling You How Much You Shall Miss Home. All Her Cliched Lines That Started With "Tumhe Pata Lagega Jab Tum…" Start Sounding Super Sensible

Useful Tip: a. Listen to Your Mom b. Use Those Crazy Air Ticket Discounts and Come Home Once a Month

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7. Sales of Maggi and Cornflakes go up Dramatically in Your Area After You Arrive

Useful Tip: Open Youtube and Learn How to Make A sabji and roti/rice. It's Pretty Simple Actually. Plus Watch an Episode of your Fav Series While Making Food..

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8. You Receive Exactly 1 Call a Day at Night From your Mother Asking If You Have Reached Home

Useful Tip: Beat Her to It. Make Sure You Call Her Before. Extra Brownie Points 😉

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9. You Become one of Those People Who Buy Fridge Magnets and Put Take Out Menus On Them

Useful Tip: Put a Daily 15 Min Exercise Plan Next to That

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10. Throwing A House Party Isn't As Fun Anymore...

Useful Tip: Do a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) and a TYOB (Take Your Own Bottle)

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11. Your Neighbors Are Not Cute Guys But Are  Old Aunty & Uncles.

Useful Tip: Make Them Your Pals-they won't mind you partying and getting friends over and they'll maintain your reputation when your parents visit!

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12. You Will Suddenly Find That People Your Own Age Are Highly Immature and They All Happen To Be Your Roommates

Useful Tip: Do a Thorough Interview and check common friends on FB or Linkedin before agreeing to share a flat!

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13. Landlords Will Be Like The Worst Villains You See in Bollywood

Useful Tip: Get rent recipts and check the place carefully before moving in. Ask around for rental rates

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