14 Best Places For Street Food In Chennai You Have To Try Before You Die


“The beauty of street food is that it is meant to be eaten on the go. Once you add luxuries, it will lose its charm.”  

If you crave for some chat from Chennai, look no further. Here are the best of places with the best of Chennai's street food for you! 

1. Rangoli Chat (Nungambakkam High Road)

Famous For: Pan kulfi and pani poori


Source: Youtube

Looking for best pani poori in town?  Your search ends here! 

2. OSB Hot Chat, West Mambalam

Famous For: Dahi puri


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Probably the best way to cool down a bit from Chennai's sultry summers! 

3. Swaminathan Cafe

Famous for: Onion Uttapam


Source: Zomato

Different types of Uttapam form the main stay of Chennai culture. 

4. Atho Man

Famous For: Atho


Source: Nzherald

Athos is a version of noodles prepared primarily from Burmese cuisine but now is a staple street food in Chennai. 

5. Only Vada (K.K nagar)

Famous For: Vadas


Source: Zomato

Vadas are crispy, fried doughnut shaped traditional fare abundantly found all over South India. 

6. Murugan Idli Shop (T Nagar)

Famous For: Hot sambhar and delicate Idlis


Source: Thatslifestyle

Soft Idlis accompanying spicy sambhar. Things cannot get any more authentically South Indian than this! 

7. Andhikakkadai

Famous For: Vathal kuzhambu


Source: Zomato

A thick, spicy and tangy gravy based dish made from vathal which are basically dried vegetables. 

8. Kannadasan Mess (Natesan park road, T.Nagar)

Famous For: Kothu Parottas


Source: Thefoodstruck

A layered flat bread stuffed with different fillings. Absolutely yum! 

9. Hotel Sarvana Bhawan

Famous For: Idiyappam


Source: Pragmaticideas

Idiyappam or string hoppers are basically steamed noodles made from rice flour. 

10. Sangeetha Veg Restaurant

Famous For: Crispy Dosas


Source: Zomato

Dosa spread on a banana leaf with coconut chutney and hot, spicy sambhar is probably the soul of South India. 

11. The Kaalan shop on Arcot Road 

Famous For: Kaalan 


Source: Cooking with lena

Kaalan is a very famous road side snack made from mushrooms. 

12. Madras Coffee House

Famous For: Filter Coffee


Source: Times city

Chennai and Coffee are talked about in one breath.. No wonder, classic filtered coffee should be tried hands down from the masters themselves! 

13. Royal Sandwich Shop

Famous For: Quirky Sandwiches


Source: Zomato

Ever heard of Maggi, Lay's, white chocolate sandwiches? 

We are told they are amazing and completely out of this world. Absolutely must try in this lifetime! 

14. Murugan Idli Shop

Famous For: Jigarthanda


Source: Arun shanbhag

A very famous drink to beat Chennai’s heat! 

Missed your favourite place? Do let us know in the comments below! 

Featured Image Source: Zomato

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