14 Foods That Will Definitely Satisfy A Guy’s Moods

When we think that we’re hungry for a specific thing – a bowl of steaming maggi, chocolate or whatever – often we’re hungry for feelings and a time in our past,

Lets be honest, how many times have food rescued us from our emotional crisis'? A bad break up, a low grade, a bad life in general?

Every single Time! Right?

So, take a trip down food lane and revisit the foods which have acted as our Prince Charming without fail..

1. Maggi

Accept it.. Whenever you think you've got a gaping hole of void in your life, you reach out for a bowl f this super comfort food. Nothing makes you feel nourished, loved and at your best better than maggi in your worn out pajamas, comfortably tucked in your bed..

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2. Chicken soup

The phrase 'chicken soup for the soul' only tells you about how comforting is a chicken soup when you're cold and need some warmth! 

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3. Fried Chicken

Feel like the king/queen of this world? Nothing feels like a celebration unless it has fried chicken.(whether you choose to accompany it with some booze is totally your choice!) 

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4. Chocolate

When you think you could use a little mood uplifter, a bar of Silk/Hershey's would definitely top your list. Right?

A bar or bars.. Totally depends on the severity of the situation! 

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5. Aloo Ka Parantha

What do you do when you miss mom terribly? 

You dig into a sinful Aloo parantha with pounds of butter with curd and pickle enough to give you a heart attack!

Hell of an explosion of taste right? 

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6. Ice Cream

When you are feeling happy? When you are feeling sad? Anytime really..

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7. French Fries

What happens when you crave for something incredibly unhealthy yet unbelievably tasty?

One Large fries. No wait.. Make it two! 

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8. Pakoras and Chai

 Nothing can lift one's mood on a rainy, gloomy day, the way pakoras/ bhajjis and a cup of hot tea can.

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9. Fruit Salads

For the health conscious ones (What's that you ask?!) a bowl of healthy, tasty fruits not only add color to their diet but also their life! 

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10. Too Hot To Handle Brownie

When life is messy, making it messier with this dessert seems like the only option. 

Excuse me.. I'll have a sizzle dazzle brownie with just one scoop vanilla ice cream and extra chocolate sauce. Oh and make it quick, I'm falling apart! 

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11. A Slice Of pizza
Pizza doesn't ask questions. It understands! 

No wonder, everyone reaches out for a slice when they're down in the dumps! 

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12. Gol Gappas

Every Indian's go to food in times of peril.. 

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13. Suji Ka Halwa

Suji, sugar and ghee. These three ingredients that our mothers have blended together beautifully for years is a guaranteed fix if you've had a long day or are just missing home

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14. Nutella

This one needs no introduction! 

You: I'll only eat one spoon a day! 

You 20 minutes later: Wait! Where's half my jar?!

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Did we miss out on your favorite food? Do let us know in the comments below! 

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