14 Reasons Every Guy Needs One Girl Best Friend

You may have a dozen of guy friends but she still manages to score more than them, guys friend knows you but she knows you better, she is the reason why you pass even after studying the last minute and then she is your ultimate fashion guru. No one can take her place, she is your only girl best friend.

1. The Meaningful Talks And Silence

Beer and swearing with guy friends is fun but sometimes, the girl best friend seems nice to just sit with.


2. Savior Of Your Gift Choosing/Shopping Odyssey

From mom’s birthday gift to sister’s wedding gift, she takes care of it all. All you do is pay and Tada! Your gift is a hit already.  


3. The Match Maker

She can always set you up with her friends, so you never have to worry about being single on valentine’s day or any other day. The love is in the air!


4. Always Have A Date

But if she fails to do so, you can always take her to a party or an outing.


5. She Gets You

She understands you better, understands your emotions better than any of your guy friends.


6. Your Girlfriends And Her

She tells you if your girlfriend is worth the dedication or not.


7. Her Advice Is Priceless 

You too know that how many times her advice has brought you out of your woes.  


8. Repairing Your Satires

She will go ROFL, LMFAO and LOL whenever you are funny but will be too quick to go STFU when you aren’t funny. So, you know what is funny and what is not.


9. Drinking And Crying Is Not A Taboo!

Drinking and crying is so much safer with her. Your drunk-self just spilled some of the most embarrassing, emotional and the nastiest secrets and you know what – She's fine with all that.


10. Aunty She Actually Does Social Work (She brought a duck home right before Thanksgiving)

She is one of those friends that can get your mother convinced about your girlfriend.


11. Your Style Guide

She can style you for your date, your sister’s marriage and almost every time you feel too dumb to style yourself. No, Not The Super Skinny Jeans Please!


12. Proof Read All Your Texts

And when you don’t know how to reply to your girlfriend's, she comes to the rescue.  


13. Her Notes

When final exams come knocking and you could only panic, she and her notes are the thing you rely upon.


14. The Cute Little Fights

The fights are more fun with her.


Gosh, I really miss her after all this. I'm just going to tell her. Are you? 

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