14 Signs You’re Totally Addicted To Chai

You only gain consciousness after having a sip of your hot tea in the morning. You think tea is better than coffee. It's raining and first thing that comes to your mind is a hot cup of tea. For others it is an annoying habit but for you it is an addiction, whether you accept it or not.

1. First Thing In The Morning

The first thing in the morning you can think of is a cup of hot tea and nothing else. And sometimes you gain conscious only after you sniff your cup.


2. Chai Over Coffee

You would always go for tea instead of coffee, always. Not even to give your taste buds some relief.


3. 24/7/365 and on and on and on

You can have tea at any time of the day or may be every time of the day. You don’t care what time it is, all you care about is your little cup of joy.


4. Weather Doesn’t Affect Your Choice

It is too hot, maybe I should go for something cold. Bullshit!! You can enjoy your tea, regardless of the weather.


5. Chai Break

You don’t need energy drinks; just a cup of tea is enough. You get up from your workstation to have your chai break and by chai break you mean chai break, no coffee, nothing else but chai.


6. Chai And Pyaz Ke Pakore

It is raining and you start craving for some tea and pyaz ke pakore. Actually, you don’t really want the pyaz ke pakore; chai itself is what you crave when it rains.


7. You Never Refuse A Cup Of Tea

You are visiting someone and they had to ask you for tea out of courtesy, and there's an explosion of excitement in your system. 


8. Chai In A Beer Bar

You don’t care if you are sitting in a Beer Café or Café Barista; you will invariably to ask for tea, making people look at with surprise.


9. Chai Peene Se Kaale Pad Jate Hain

And you just don’t believe them or don’t want to believe them. And Hell, It's not true!!


10. Chai With Flavors

Adrak Wali Chai, Tulsi Wali Chai, Ellaichi Wali Chai, Mirchi Wali Chai, Laung Wali Chai, Aloo Matar Wali Chai, Shahi Paneer Wali Chai, Chicken Biryani Wali Chai… You've had it all! But you have just one favourite! 


11. You think you're a tea connoiseur 

You critique every cup of tea you have. Isme milk zyada hai, usme kam hai, chai patti zyada ho gay etc etc. You know the perfect mix of ingridients for that awesome cup of tea. And YOU THINK NO ONE CAN MAKE BETTER TEA THAN YOU. 


13. Ek Cup Chai Milegi?

People are so fed up when you ask for tea. You just had your tea five minutes ago!


14. That Was Interesting Topic, Let Me Take Another Sip

You are not a enjoying the conversation, you are not interested in what others are saying or doing, you just have your tea and that is what matters the most, isn’t it?


So, are you a tea addict? 

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