14 Silly Things You Do When You Have A Crush On Someone

You get conscious around them, you stalk them virtaully and actually (sometimes). You don't want to look bad and also don't want to sound stupid when they are around and there are a million other things that you do when you have a crush on somebody.

15 sure shot signs that Love is in the air!

1. The Stalker You

Stalking all their social media profiles becomes your favorite pastime.


2. Examining Their Actions

You stare at them, you analyze their actions. The way they talk, the way they do hand gestures while they talk, you memorize it all. *Wild Creepy Stare*


3. Getting Conscious Around Them

It is only natural to get super-conscious around them. You don’t want to look stupid; you don’t want to say something foolish but eventually you do end up doing some stupid thing in your blissful ignorance and innocence. 


4. To Text Or Not To Text

You contemplate whether you should text them or not. You don’t want them to know that you are dying to talk to them.


5. You Keep Wondering What They Meant

After a conversation with them, you keep questioning yourself as to what they meant and did anything they say have a double meaning or a hint…


6. Finding Reasons To Talk To Them

You create reasons, you create situations to talk to them.


7. Thinking About Them When They Are Not Around

Day dreaming or just thinking about them when are not around and smiling like an idiot is a permanent drawback of having a crush on someone.


8. Try To Impress Them

You want to impress them without looking like a despo.


9. Look Good, Good Looks

You try your best to look good but at the same time you try not to overdo it.


10. Try To Be Around Them

You look for any damn reason to be around them and if you don’t find a reason, you create one.


11. Try To Befriend Their Friends

Trying to befriend their best-friends, just to know more about them and to earn major brownie points!


12. What If She/He Is Committed?

You see a picture of them with their friends and you start panicking about them being committed. You don’t want competition, not now!


13. You Keep Reading The Conversation

Something really idiotic yet weirdly extremely soothing is to read your conversations with them over and over.


15. If You Could Make Them Stay

You just don’t want them to go away. You want them to stay but the worst part is that you cannot tell them to stay, not directly though. 


Don't you raise an eyebrow and deny doing all these. If there is someone, go and tell her/him before it is too late! 

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