14 Things You Face When You’re Friends With A Talkative Person

They can talk on and on and on about anything and everything and the frustrating part is that you are friends with them. They talk without pauses and commas. They won't let you talk. Though you appreciate their gabbing talent but then sometimes you just want them to shut up!

1. You Never Saw Them Quiet

You don’t remember them being quiet. Have you ever seen them sitting quiet, umm… Nope, never!


2. How To Shut Them Up

Once they start and keep talking for hours, instead of listening to them, you prefer thinking about ways to shut them up.


3. They Are Never Out Of Topic

It's surprising how they have a  neverending list of things that they can talk about. They always have something to talk about, all the time.


4. You Hardly Get The Chance To Talk

You hardly or never get a chance to talk. Though it is Frustrating, do you have any other choice but to listen?


5. They Don’t Let You Complete

They complete all your sentences whether you like it or not.


6. Put A Sock In It

You want to gag them; you just want to put an end to their non-stop babble.


7. When Do You Stop?

You are waiting for them to stop talking and your wait shall last forever.


8. Just When You Think It’s Your Turn, You Are Proven Wrong

As soon as you open your mouth to say something, guess what? -the talking drone starts talking yet again and you are pushed back to your listening mode.


9. You Wonder Where That Energy Comes From

How can anyone talk so much? How? Where do they get their energy from?


10. Not The Person To Be On Phone With

You avoid picking their calls, especially at nights. You know you will not get the chance to hang up because they won’t let you.


11. You have Lost Your Cool At Times

You do not do it intentionally; you just lose your temper and you just WANT THEM TO SHUT THE PUCK UP! No, not lost the temper, not at all!


12. You Like To Talk, Don’t You?

You can’t help yourself from asking them “You like to Talk, Don’t You?” but what you actually mean is “you never shut up, do you?”


13. But Sometimes You Like How They Fill The Silence

You can always count on them to fill in the silence with their gibberish. You just have to sit back and enjoy, you don’t have to say anything and they will set the scene alive.


14. And You Hate When They Fill The Silence

But then there are times when you like the silence and you just don’t want them to fill it with their chatter


Tag your talkative friend and let them know what you actually go through!

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