15 Hyderabadi Dishes To Make A Guy Drool And The Best Places To Try Them

If you are a food lover then you must plan a trip to Hyderabad. Relish its rich and incomparable cuisine filled with a distinct aroma which is unique to the city.

Here is a list of famous local dishes and best places to find them in Hyderabad.  You absolutely must try these to achieve food-gasm! 

1. Biryani

Where: Hyderabad House

Biryani is the first thing that comes to mind whenever anyone mentions Hyderabad. Hyderabadi Biryani is not only the most popular local dish but is a non-vegetarian’s dream-come-true. It is prepared in a unique style as practised by the Nizams and has a distinct aroma. 


Source: Pushdeals


2. Mirchi Ka Salan

Where: Sahib Sindh Sultan

The hot-pungent taste of Mirchi ka Salan will make for an edgy experience unlike any other. The Spicy flavour of green chillies is balanced with the tine coconut paste which gives it great texture and a taste to die for!


Source: Sinfully spicy


3. Haleem

 Where: Pista House

This seasonal delicacy is a porridge made from wheat and meat and topped with dry fruits and is cooked for several hours (often a whole day)

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4. Keema Samosa

Where: Venkys Xprs

Samosa + Keema = Unbeatable combination! India's favourite snack paired up with Hyderabad’s speciality, the combo formed is a true foodie's delight!



5. Nihari

Where: Shadab Hotel

Nihari is a popular breakfast dish made of Goat’s feet and is mostly enjoyed during winters.



6. Patthar Gosht

Where: Bade Miyan Kababs

Meat marinated overnight slow-cooked on slabs of stone, heated by charcoal fires underneath. Sheer bliss this one!

patthar gosht DC_0

Source: Deccan chronicle


7. Khatti Dal 

Where: La Makaan 

This yellow lentils based based stew uses tamarind for its different flavour. It is finished with a 'chaunk' of desi ghee, bay leaves and some whole red chillies! 


Source: Merarasioghar


8. Chakna

Where: Shadab Hotel

The tender meat with aromas of cinnamon and cardamom is will definitely leave you asking for more!


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9. Gosht Pasinde

Where: Hyderabad house

This classical Hyderabad dish is made from meat, potatoes, beans and loads of pungent spices thrown in. It remains tasty till the last bite. Its creamy texture and incredible taste will leave you totally satisfied. 


Source: odd pad


10. Luqmi

Where: Atiroopa – Alankrita Resort

True blue Hyderabadi snack. These are little pockets of maida filled with minced meat. Light and tastes amazing! 


Source: Kitchen Sojourn


11. Mutton Korma 

Where: Bidri

One of the most popular and special dishes that is always included in wedding or other special meal menu in the city. It is cooked with interesting spices such as poppy seed, cashew nuts, lavang, coconut, peanut in form of paste which add a distinct flavour and aroma to the dish.   korma

Source:; Bawarchi


12. Kachche Gosht Ki Biryani

Where: Hyderabad House

This biryani is as unique as its name. Cooked with raw meat, it is fragrant and succulent in taste. The aroma is enough to keep you hooked but once you taste it, there is no going back.


Source: Aisha Saeed


13. Double Ka Meetha

Where: Sarvi Restaurant

Made with bread and cream, it is the most sumptuous dessert you'll have ever tasted. Its rich taste will transport you to the era of the royals and nawabs. The best part is that it tastes equally delicious when served hot or cold. 


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14. Sheer Khurma

Where: Hotel Shadab

This dessert is prepared from vermicelli, whole milk, dates, sugar. Also, cardamom, pistachios, almonds, saffron, raisins, rose water are added for flavour and aroma.


Source: Beautystylo


15. Qubani ka Meetha

Where: Astoria Restaurant

This delectable dessert is made from dried apricots. The apricots are boiled until of a thick consistency and later custard, ice cream or malai is added for a garnishing. Sweet teeth anyone? 


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Do let us know if we missed your favourite dish, in the comments below! 

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