15 Places To Explore With Your Girl-Gang Before Getting Hitched

Travelling unleashes the wild and beastly side of a person. Jobs, studies, work, relationships will come and go but some girlfriends just stick to you forever. The cucking frazy fights and midnight munchies makes a trip with your girls worthwhile.

Here, we present you 15 places to explore with your girlfriends :


1. Varanasi

Take in the beauty and serenity of ghats within your soul. This place will definitely bring out the trainquility in you.


2. Bhutan

It is the Buddhist Kingdom of the Himalayas. Bhutan gives you an unique experience of nature.


3. Mumbai

It is considered to one of the safest cities in the country for women. The thrift shopping and classic British cafes are the main attraction.


4. Puducherry

The charming colonial houses with  its cosmopolitan population and eclectic cuisine is definitely something to run for.



5. Goa

Let your hair down, watch the sunset and sunrise. Don't forget to shop at the Flea Market.


6. McLeod Ganj

The roads are great and people here are hospitable. This place is also safe for girls travelling alone!


7. Andaman Islands

Take a dip into the pristine waters of this place. The islands takes you away from the daily chaos of life.


8. Khajuraho

The erotic carvings that swathe Khajuraho's three groups of World Heritage–listed temples are among the finest temple art in the world. Go and visit before it gets banned.


9. Ladakh

The trans-Himalayan area of Ladakh is known for offering both tough and moderate terrain, and also an opportunity to explore the breathtaking terrain of the region.


10. Jaisalmer

Sunset, sand dunes and shades of gold displays the the sense of pastoral calm.

11. Rishikesh

The adrenaline rush from the river rafting and the purity of yoga has an untouched exploration of the inner soul.


12. Kerala

God's own country with the variety of seafood between the lush green surroundings. A stay in the boat house completes the visit to this state.


13. Udaipur

The city of lakes, offers vibrant culture, beautiful architectures and golden sand dunes.


14. Triund

Trekking to Triund is nature enthusiast's dream come true.There is nothing better than a hot bowl of maggi in between clouds.


15. Great Rann Of Kutch

The Land of the White Salt Desert is exquisite in art and craft. The desert gives you a lot of colors through its migratory birds, Kacchi melodies, handicrafts, sumptuous food and warmth of its people.


So, get your girl gang together, pack your bags and start travelling.

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