15 Reasons Why Mumbai Is The Best City In The World

Countless people move to Mumbai every day and Mumbai welcomes them all with open arms. There is something about the city which attracts so many dreams and people. This city leaves an impression and influence on your life. Here, I give you reasons why Mumbai is one of the best cities in the world to live in.

1. The Pace Of The Local Trains

The Mumbai local teaches you to be punctual in your everyday busy life. Mumbai’s lifeline – the local trains – are the best way to reach from one corner to another corner of the city in minimum time.


2. The Majestic Sea

Marine Drive definitely brings out the inner peace in you. The sunsets here will leave you in awe. Also, you can always head to beaches to seek peace.


3. Celebrations & Festivites

The city celebrates a festival with this much passion, joy, devotion and madness. Ganesh Chaturthi unites people regardless of their caste, class & religion.


4. Power Of Pav

This city never leaves you hungry. Every nook and cranny offers different varieties of Pav. Eg: Vada Pav, Bhujji Pava, Misal Pav etc.


5. The Essence of History In South Bombay

South Bombay opens up a whole new dimesion of this city. Here, you can find the oldest of architectural works. 


6. The Warmth Of Mumbaikars

The city of humble and helpful. You’ll never be lost in Mumbai at any hour. EVERYBODY is willing to help you.


7. City for Night-Crawlers

Mumbai’s legendary nightlife is one of the best in the country and you’ll never be able to get enough of it. From Bollywood thumkas to Jazz and Blues – the city offers a bit of everything.


8. Safety For All Sexes

People here are always in a mad rush. Nobody has the time to stop and stare. It’s safer than most of the other cities in the country, and both girls and boys can roam around at 3am in the morning without having to worry about anything. 


9. The Love For Desserts

Theobroma's, Candies, Ovenfresh, Celejor Cake Shop. This city has the sweetest tooth ever.


10. The Respect For Art & Culture

Cinema, dance, food, heritage walks, literature, music, street theatre, visual art, workshops, urban design, architecture and list goes on. This city accepts and adores all forms of art.


11. Never Ending List Of Inspirations

Sachin Tendulkar, Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan the list of people to inspire any person is countless.


12. The Humble Autowallahs

When you are in Mumbai, the autowallahs will automatically switch on the meter even before you settle down.


13. The Power Of Their Unity

Mumbai knows how to stand and emerge as a winner after every battle. The 1993 serial blasts, 2008 blasts, 2011 bombings, the floods; they fight through everything together. The fighting spirit and the confidence the city shows in the face of adversity is something every city should learn from.


14. Monsoon

The Queen's Necklace looks magical during the Mumbai monsoons. Just an umbrella or raincoat and you are ready for the city's rains.


15. The City Of Dreams

Writer, Tattoo Artist, Musician, Actor. This city has space and oppotunities for all. Dreams are made and fulfilled here like a day-to-day phenomenon.

"Mumbai's infectious. Once you start living in Mumbai, working in Mumbai, I don't think you can live anywhere else."
–Yash Chopra

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