15 Reasons You Can Be Glad About Your Break-Up

We have all been through break-ups and heartbreaks where we were almost like an emotional explosive. Post acceptance comes the interesting part, where a person starts discovering themselves as better and stronger human beings.  Here are some reasons why you should feel glad the break up happened: 


1. You can finally imagine life outside your smartphone.

The constant wait of whatsapp texts and phone calls finally ends. You can feel the sigh of relief.


2. You can go out on vacations with your friends and family.

Nobody to say, “Why do you have to go alone/with them?” or  “That place is not safe for you!”


3. ‘ME’ time and loads of it.

Pamper yourself in every possible way. Go shopping, eating, dancing, spa-time or just lazing around the house.


4. You can get attracted to as many people as you want.

Check out all the cute guys and beautiful girls without any guilt trips. 


5. You can eat as much chocolate and food you want.

Go out for date with yourself. You also don’t have share the dessert with anyone. Woo Hoo!


6. Finally, SAVE Money!

No more, buying unnecessary gifts. Spend that money on yourself or better SAVE IT!


7. Liberty to make new friends.

You don’t have to think twice before making new friends from all the possible networks.


8. You get time to spend with your family.

Make up for all the lost time with your family.


9. Explore new places and cities without thinking twice.

Wander around the city and explore new cuisines and places.


10.  The sense of complete independence.

Explore the dormant side of your nature. Feel free and independent of any baggage.


11. You can do all the crazy stuff with your best buddies.

Finally, you have the freedom to spend a day just shopping or watching the game on TV with your friends.


12. You make your own life decisions.

Take charge and decide for yourself.


13. The importance of loving yourself.

Heard of the quote: “ Love yourself, before loving someone.” That is true!


14. No more arguments and unnecessary explanations.

You don’t have to explain every action and step you take in life.


15. Everything has a new meaning in your life.

Everything you do has new and refreshing meaning to it.



Be happy because finally the gloomy days are over and you have grown as a stronger person.

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