15 Signs You Have Been Dating Your Girl For Too Long

You have lost counts of your fights; you are used to his or her crazy antics, you know each other way better than themselves, you have seen each other’s highs and lows, you still haven’t tied the knot but you are already acting a like married couple… may be because you have been with each other, since you don’t know when.

May be it’s time for you to know that indeed you two have been dating each other for too long.

We Give You 15 Most Definite Signs That You Have Been Dating Someone For Too Long!

1. You Still Together?

People look at you and the first question out of their mouth is "You still together?" and only then you realize that you have been together for quite some time.


2. Better Than I Know Myself

You know them and their likes/dislikes better than anyone else and vice versa. No, he doesn’t like caramel…


3.  When Are You Two Planning To Tie The Knot?

People have started asking, “When are you going to get married?” because they have been seeing you together since forever.


4. Not Without Him Or Her

Hardly there are plans you make without him of her. You cannot think of an outing without them. And your friends are quite annoyed by this. Just so you know.


5. There’s No Awkwardness Left

You can be as awkward as you want to be and guess what, he or she won’t give a flying shit. So, now you two are free to talk with a mouth full of food!


6. You Hung Up Without Saying Love You?

The best part is you no more care if he or she disconnected without saying “I Love You”.


7. Forgetting Is Allowed Now

Forgetting birthdays and anniversaries are no more a formidable offense.


8. You Actually Watch Movies

You go to a movie theatre and you actually watch movie. You know what I mean! *Wink Wink*


9. Sharing Food Isn’t That Easy Now

“Shona aap kha lo ye” doesn’t exist between you two anymore unless you are full.


10. You No More Have Trust Issues

You don’t care if he is hanging around with other girl because you know, he isn’t going anywhere.


11. We Are One (Ola Ola)

You are counted as one, so no separate invitations to parties.


12. Make Out Sessions

You don’t feel shy or nervous; rather you just make it sound… like a routine?!


13. There’s Nothing New To Talk About

There’s no story of you or his’ that you haven’t heard before. You two are running out of topics to talk but still you enjoy the silence.


14. You Read Them So Well

Just the look of their face is enough for you to tell they are feeling hungry or angry or sad or horny and a lot more. It’s no magic though.


 15. You Have Become Each Other’s Best Friends

It is been too long, you two started out as a couple and now you two have transformed into best buddies to each other. Taking selfies, backbiting, acting stupid with each other…


I hope we covered it all but if haven’t, do comment!

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