15 Signs A Dude Is Just Not Meant For Relationships

There’s really nothing better than being single. Being single is important and exhilarating. Your time and your decisions are all your own. You can do what you want, when you want, where you want. That's what single people say! Here we give you 15 signs which show that you are just not meant for relationships.

1. You value your own time above everything else.

2. You don't feel incomplete or the need for a better-half.

3. Right now, your priority isn't love, relationships or marriage. It is a career.

4. You find people of the opposite sex attractive but now is not the time.

5. Letting someone in means massive changes in life.

6. If there is a true connection with a person, you'd just know. You need not announce it.

7. Presently, you are just dating FOOD!

8. Relationships can lead to examine your flaws. Umm…Am I ugly?

9. Your greatest fear is: REJECTION.

10. Mushy romantic movies. Nah! Not your thing.

11. You are sensitive to the cheesiness of love.

12. For now, you’re totally loving doing things for yourself, no matter what anyone thinks.

13. You would rather fall for real love than fake love.

14. You value your personal space and “Me Time.” 

15. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself right now, and you’re doing fine.

Presently, you only have yourself to rely on and it pushes you to grow and figure things out on your own. Don't you love that feeling?

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