15 Struggles When A Guy Looks Younger Than His Age

Yes, I'm short and cute but wait a sec, that doesn't define my age. Those epic reactions you get from your neighbors because they simply can't believe you are working and earning for yourself. Do you relate to all this? Then this list is definitely for you:

1. People can never guess your correct age.

Nah! Not even close!

2. Dating becomes a problem.

People look at the completely age-appropriate men we date as pervy predators. Also, younger people keep hitting on you.

3. You carry your Identity Proof all the time.

You never know when you might want to buy alcohol, or a lottery ticket, or sharp scissors.

4. When you tell people how old you are.

"Arre! You must be kidding!"

5. You have to work harder for respect at work.

First impressions are tough with new colleagues.

XYZ Person: New Intern? 

You: Your new boss.

6. Travelling alone is weird

People keep asking. "Beta, mummy papa kahan hai aapke?"

7. You're always considered as a "bachcha" of your group even if you're one of the older ones.

Most of your advice and gyaan goes into the dustbin.

8. Getting bossed around by people who are actually younger than you.


9. You can’t really pull off ‘sexy’.

Because, you look like a child.

10. You are doomed to be "CUTE" forever.

Amazing! Isn't?

11.  If you’re a woman, people will constantly tell you you’re lucky to not look your age.

If you say so.

12. If you're a man, the only way people get your real age is because of that facial hair.


13. You start wearing clothes which make you look like your real age.

You have to keep trying. Don't you?

14. The "You won't get it, you are too young" look from every random person.

Yeah! Right! Why effing not?!

15. But, c'mon accept it, sometimes you like messing with people’s heads.

*Evil Grin*

Sometimes, that innocent face of yours means you can get away with a lot more than other people your age.

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