15 Things Vegetarians Are Tired Of Hearing

Yes, I’m a vegetarian! I don’t eat eggs! Yes, I find paneer very delicious, and no, I don’t want to taste your chicken wing, please keep that piece away from me. Here are 15 things you'll totally relate to if you're a vegetarian. 

1. So, You Have Never Even Tasted Chicken?

No, I haven’t and that is why I’m called a vegetarian, genius!


2. Don’t You Get Bored With All The Veggies And Daals All The Time?

Don’t you get bored with your face; it is always the same!


3. You Can Get A Kukkad At The Same Price, You Know That?

You can get a punch at absolutely no cost, you know that?


4. What Do You Have With Your Drink Then, Pyaaz Ke Pakore? LOL

Yes and sometimes moong dal ki khichdi as well, got a problem?


5. Dude, Just One Bite And You Will Not Be Able To Get Over The Taste.

One more time you say that and you will not be able to get over what I’ll do to you.


6. So, You Will Have Paneer, Since You Are A Vegetarian?

Thanks for reminding me!

7. I Tried Becoming A Vegan Once But It Sucked.

Well, it requires special training.


8. You Fine If I Eat Chicken In Front Of You?

No, please, don’t be more stupid.


9. You Can Eat Egg, It Is Not Chicken.

No, potatoes are just fine for me.

10. Not Eating Chicken And Mutton- You Are Missing Out On A Very Good Source Of Protein.

Yes, I know and I’m doing well with this malnutrition.


12. Meat Is Delicious, Just So You Know.

You know what? No one asked you.


13. Your Parents, Your Brothers/Sisters, Your Girlfriend Vegetarian Too?

Dude, I’m vegetarian not ill with some communicable disease.


15. It Has Meat In It. Lol, JK.

Lol. Not funny.


Are you a vegetarian? Are you sick of answering these stupid questions? Let your meat lover friends know!

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