15 Things Women Find Incredibly Sexy About Men

So what do women secretly love about Men, when you are'nt trying to impress them? Is it the way you look, your shoes or your smile..?

Find out what melts women's hearts every single time.

Ready to charm your lady love? Wait.. You already do that, all the time! (without knowing of course!)

1. That Enigmatic Half Smile Half Smirk

That curious expression screams they know something you don’t. And you wish they would just tell you what it was already.

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2. Rolled Up Sleeves

Attention: ( HOT) Man at Work!

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3. Deep Husky Voice

Wait a second.. Swooning (brb!)

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4. When They Are Reluctant To Let Go After A Forever Hug

Hullo.. Every girl is a sucker for long hugs!

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5. When They Help You Button Your Clothes.. And End Up Forgetting What They Were Supposed To Do

Letting your man button you up.. is never a good idea! 

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6. When They Mean To Kiss You On The Forehead..

.. But end up kissing the top of your nose! Slightly tingly but super cute! 

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7. When They Let You Win When You're Play Fighting

The best part though.. is when they pretend you've hurt him, so that you can shower love on them! Smart Move boys! :)

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8. Being Awesome Around Kids

Its just inherent in us women, He's good with kids? He'll be a great dad! 

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9. Deep Stares

You look like a million bucks? And your guy cant take his eyes off you.. Yes, that's the stuff romance is made of! 

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10. When He Looks At You Like You're Magic! 

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Gives me the feel, every single time. 

11.  That hand-on-the-girl's-back Move They Do When You're Walking 

Pretty sure they're not even consciously thinking about it, but it's really sexy.

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12. When He Randomly Looks At You And Says, "I really love you"

And all you can do, is to have the biggest smile pasted on your face! 

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13. When He Lets You Have The Last Bite Of His Pizza

Seriously, every time they do this, We fall in love. All over again. 

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14When They Treat You Like You're The Most Precious Thing In This Universe

The way they treat you with utter devotion and respect without even us, asking for it. Now that, is sexy! 

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15. When They Hold Your Shopping Bags

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