15 Things You Face When You’re Friends With A Person Who Cracks Lame Jokes

You want to kill them when they try to crack a joke but the best you can do is reply with sarcasm or surrender to the atyachaar. and wish either their sense of humor gets better or they stop cracking any jokes at all. Stuck with these unfunny friends, there is almost nothing you can do about them, Either they quit their hilarious side or you hypnotise them into a normal being.

1. Am I Supposed To Laugh?

That awkward pause, once the joke is over. Though you don’t get the meaning or implications of the joke, you just can't let your friend look bad in front of others so you end it with an awkward fake laugh.


2. The Dead Serious Face

Their jokes are so lame, so pathetic at times, you couldn’t help yourself giving them a really scary death stare but does it stop them, no it doesn't.


3. You Are Beyond Pissed Off

You have had enough of their so-called hilarious side and you are just minutes or may be seconds away from strangling them.


4. Brace Yourself For Another Pathetic Joke

You know when they are going to go bananas with their jokes and victimize people; you are all set to get victimized yourself. Not again!


5. The Signature Fake Laugh

You have given a lot of fake laughs but eventually you gave up. Their Jokes were just becoming worse and you hit a point where you can't even fake anymore. All you poor Souls.


6. Dude, You Are Not Funny, Understand!

You have told him or her a million times that they are not funny it doesn’t get through their thick skull whatsoever.


7. The Accidental Laugh

Sometimes their jokes touch the topmost realm of lameness and you laugh, you laugh thinking how bad can someone's jokes get.


8. And When They Laugh On Their Own Jokes

Their never dying spirit. It doesn't matter if you don't find their jokes funny, they definitely find themselves funny. They kill the silent response from peers with their own laugh. Oh My God! I’m so funny…


9. Their Bad Timing

Their joke timing is worse than that of Indian police in Bollywood.


10. Should Definitely Try Out For Stand-Up Comedy

When all your attempts to keep them quite fail, end it with an encouraging comment Yaar, you are funny, you can totally go for stand-up comedy, you will crack them! (Go Torture the World. )


11. When They Try To Explain Their Jokes

When no one laughs, they just make things worse by explaining their jokes.


12. You Are Not The Only Victim

Eventually you realize that you are not the only one, there are actually people who are going through the same trauma while your friend is exhibiting his/her funny side.  


13. The One Incidental Funny Joke

Sometimes when they actually blurt a funny joke, Oh teri!


14. They Don’t Give Up

No matter how many times they have been told that they are not funny, they just don’t freaking give up on their pathetic jokes.


15. The Disastrously Unfunny Texts

And not so surprisingly they are just as bad while texting but it is easy to fake laugh there. LOL, ROFL, LMAO, STFU… that was a typo!


So, tag the friend that you think falls under this category, this article will expalin your plight but don't get your hopes high because they are never gonna stop!

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