16 Wacky Things You Can Only Do With Your Favourite Bro

They are your partner in crime, your sneaky buddy, your brother/sister for life… they will never leave your side, no matter what.

They may forget to wish you a “Happy birthday” but they are the first ones to arrive with beer and cake at your surprise party!

There are some things only our very best friends will get and there are things we do only with them..Here's to that list of happy memories!

1. Partner in Crime!

You have stolen notes with them, you have stolen your dad’s car and then his credit card with them and then you got caught- yet again with them.

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2. Talk in Secret Lingo!

The secret language that only you two share… Keep blabbering and no one else will ever know what you two are gabbing about.

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3. Try Alcohol & Everything New Because of Their Voice of Reason -Tu Try To Kar!

You had your first illegal drink with your best friend and today he/she is the one driving you home after you pass out after a couple of drinks.

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4. Keep Each Others' Secrets & Never Tell a Soul… 

You have shared all your darkest secrets with them. Sometimes he’ll/she'll be like, Dekh Main Bata Dunga Usko! And you are like, Abbey Ja Na, Abhi Bata because you know he/she wouldn’t spill anything.

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5. Have Meaningless Fights About Anything

Those small fights that you two ge into that lasts just a couple of… minutes?

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6. Go Mad Laughing About Nothing…

Only two best friends have the power to laugh without a pause on absolutely nothing. Nothing funny happened and you two are sitting there laughing and clapping like the best joke in the world just got told in front of you..!

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7. Never call your friends or each other by their Real Names

You two don’t know people with their real names because it is been long enough since you have “Baptized” them with a name already.. Now you just refer to everyone as chotu, pappu, munni, motu etc

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.24.01 pm

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8. I Go Nuts, You Go Double Nuts!

If you are doing something awkward and stupid, they will jump in right away and join you. Doing stupidity alone is stupid, duh!

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9. Greeting Each Other With Insults.

You two will never greet each other with a simple hello or handshake because that is just too mainstream. 

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10. The A-Rated talks

No beeps, no bars on language and certainly no need to have sense when you two are talking to each other.

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11. Fight Like Mad In Front of Everyone Because They Know Its Harmless…

You know you are best friends and there is no need to show that to everyone to else, so yeah, you can fight with all your hearts in front of everybody.

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12. Exchange Grins When Your Crush Walks By 😉

That sneaky evil grin you give each other on seeing each other’s crush!

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13. Plan Last Minute Trips, Crazy Getaways & Mad Vacations!

Those disastrous last-minute planned trips, which end up in the best memories and anecdotes for a lifetime!

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14. Discuss Guys, Girls, Weirdos in Office, Bosses You Hate, Secret Biebermania things you did, aunties, movies, food…anything, basically

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15. Take The Craziest Selfies. #Posers!

16. Being Truthful-Always!

You never lie to each other..You always say it like it is! That's What Best Friends Are For Right?

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