16 Signs You Have The Bestest Gang Of Dudes

They don't wipe your tears when you cry, they try to finish off the reason behind your crying, whatever or whoever it is, they piss you off at times but they know how to cheer you up. No one else and nothing else can replace them. 

Not hundred, not even 50… Actually, just a handful of freaks you have that you call your Best Friends. You have a gang of awesomest friends. 


1.  There Are Here, Since You Don’t Even Know When.

You have been seeing them for more than a decade now. They came but you never saw them leaving.


2. Names, What Are They?

They never called you by your name. Not unless they are mad at you. It comes to you as a shock when they call you by your name. Can you guys at least go for something least intimidating?


3. Robin To My Batman or Bonnie To My Clyde?!

You all got caught smoking in your room guess what; you were not alone when your mom was shouting at you. There are millions of messes that you survived with them.


4. Going Full Throttle With Swearing

You insulted them, but do they get hurt and go away? Hello, no! Not by any means! In fact, they get you back with even worse abuses.


5. Your Secret Is Their Secret

You have secrets and your friends will do everything to keep it that way because most probably they are a part of it.


6. Too many Groupie-s

Your phone memory and your external memory and your hard disk and every freaking virtual storage space you have is flooded with pictures with them. 


7. Not Without Me

You got drunk, they got drunk. You got wasted, they got wasted. No way are you doing anything alone.


8. And This Is How You Tick Off

They know how to piss you off; they know what makes you mad. They can actually write a book on 101 ways to piss you off. Don’t do it, you ASDFGHJKL!


9. And This Is When You Laugh

If they know how to piss you off, they surely know the way to bring back the smile. Oh, Stop it you!


10. I Just Got The Dent Fixed, You Idiot!

They know how you drive but still give you keys to their cars. Sorry, I did not see that tree!


11. We Are In This Together

You study together, you cheat together, you fail together and if someone passes, you beat that traitor together.


12.  Come At Me, Bro!

You know they have got your back and if not, at least you wouldn’t be getting beaten up alone.


13. Keep It Simple!

You don’t need hugs and kisses to keep your friendship alive. You can text each other in a week or a month and will still be the same.


14. No To New People

No, you are not socially awkward; you just don’t fit in other than your gang.

15. No Outing Without Them

You don’t plan an outing without them. Actually they make sure you don’t plan an outing without them.


16. Legs Off The Table!

They laze around at your place they F’ing own it like it is their own house. Don’t jump on the couch, you morons!


So, you were with them on Friendship day and on your Valentine's day? Anyways, comment and let us know what you think!

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