16 Things Only A Guy In The Friend-Zone Will Understand

You've been with her for eons, you like her, you do everything that she tells you to, you care for her but you are just a friend to her and nothing more than that. And that is what you will always be. A friend. Friend forever. A moment of silence for our bros in the frustrating "Friend-zone"! 

1.  We Are Just friends

You burnt a hole in your pocket to buy her the dress she wanted but guess what; you are still her friend. Only a friend and nothing more than that. No, matter what you do; you will always be a “FRIEND” to her, so don’t get your hopes high.


2. The Stories About Her Boyfriends

And when she goes on and on about her ex, her current and the one she wants to date (which doesn’t include you BTW). "Once my boyfriend and I went to and bla bla bla. Frustrating, isn't it?


3. No Guys Out There

And when she goes “There are no good guys out there to date”. Really?! What am I then, a potato?


4. Crying For Some Other Random Guy

And when she cries on your shoulder about some other guy that ditched her or was bad to her, if she only realized that you too are nice a guy who's been nice to her for a very long time.


5. The Drunken Responsibility

She gets drunk and that’s pretty much of it. Now you drive her back home or just let her stay the night and be totally frustrated, seeing her passed out in front of you while you cannot even touch her because SHE IS YOUR FRAND!


6. Doing Whatever She Wants

You do whatever she asks… No one, tells you to. You drop her off and pick her from college/work, recharge her phone, talk to her at night. You do everything just in the hope to make it there but to NO AVAIL. 


7. Hooking You Up With Other Girls

Ohkay, the most frustrating thing is when she tries to hook you up with other girls when the one you want to see yourself with is her.


8. Being A Girlfriend

After spending years going out shopping with her and to salon and spas, you have transformed into a girlfriend for her. And an idiot according to other people. 


9. I Thought Better Of You

And then you did the thing that you shouldn’t have done. Staring at her boobs or butt or lips or “The Entire Her” for more than a minute and you are not the nice guy anymore. Just grow some balls and tell her that you are a GUY!


10. The Fear Of Rejection

You have this constant urge to tell her that you like her but then you fear that she might just reject it might jeopardize the friendship. Scary!


11. Everyone Else Knows

Your friend, her friend, your parents, her parents, your dog, her dog and everyone else around you knows your feelings for her except her.


12. The Darkest Fantasies

You have got so many hidden feelings for her but can you tell her? No, absolutely not. So, just stay bottled up and wait to blow up some day while that someday might never come.



13. The Jealousy

Acting like a boyfriend and getting jealous of other guys who try to get close to her, when it is absolutely of no-use because she might choose them and not you.


14. You Are The One For Her

You know her better than any other guy, you know what she likes and dislikes, and only you can make her smile but there is no way she is going to realize that maybe you're the one for her.


15. Are You Into Guys?

And when you show no signs of interest in other girls, she assumes that you swing either way. Just, Wow!


16. She Will Date Everyone Else But Not You

Yeah, you have seen her going out on a date with the most ugliest, stupidest and even the most un-datable guys and you are still waiting for your turn. 


Can you think of someone in the frustrating friend zone? Let them know! 

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