16 Video Games Every Guy Played While Growing Up

How we were addicted to playing video games as little kids. Its amazing how technology has moved on from those mitashi boxes to PS4s. Nonetheless, one never forgets their roots. So we thought why not take you through your childhood gaming journey with pictures of your favourite games that you most likely grew up playing. As much as you may like the FIFAs and GTAs now, these games will aways give you a nostalgic kick! 

1. Super Mario World 

How ddictive was it to git into different worlds and save the queen?


2. Road Rash 

Kicking other bikers and overtaking the red and white guy who always used to be in front.


3. Mortal Kombat



4. SIM City 

The joy of building your own city


5. Doom

Who else used to feel scared while playing this one?


6. Virtua Fighter

The supple movements of your fingers on the remote to kill the other person


7. Warcraft



8. Tekken

No one grows up without playing this one!


9. The Need For Speed

Trying to get control on that car. Frustrating?


10. Grand Theft Auto


11. Age Of Empires 

Do you think you needed Rehab to get out of addiction of playing this one? 


12. Final Fantasy


13. Half Life 


14. Microsoft Flight Simulator

How we wanted to become pilots after playing this one! 


15. Dave

Even though this one was on the computer, 99% of us have played and been addicted. Ever managed to finish it?

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 1.33.08 pm


16. Contra

Best shooting game as a 90's kid? Made us feel like such warriors. 


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