17 Lies Our Parents Used To Tell Us When We Were Kids

If you think back and recall the lies that our parents told us when we were kids, you will want to laugh and also applaud your parents for being master storytellers. They used to play us so well and made us do things by telling us amazing and funny lies.

Here are 17 of my favorite lies that my parents told me to ensure I did what they wanted!

1.  Drinking Milk Will Make You Fairer



2. If You Don’t Come Now, I Will Leave You Here

Whenever you used to cry for something in a shop or at a market and wouldn’t budge from your place, your mom used to threaten you to leave you there. Remember?


3. Maybe Next Time

You wanted that toy, it looked so good but then mom and dad said, “We will come tomorrow/next weekend/next month/next year/next life” to buy it. 


4. I Didn’t Bring Money With Me Today

I wanted that toy so badly and you are saying you didn’t bring money.


5. Teeth Will Fall Out If You Eat Too Much Of Candy

As a child I used to spend quite some time wondering how I will look without teeth. Not very pretty, I guess?!


6. Watching TV Will Damage Your Eye Sight

“Pretty decent lie this was, mom and dad!” Every time you said that I imagined some really scary things, I hope you know that. 


7. It Is Past Your Bed Time

At 8? Did they ever realize whether we were sleepy or not?


8. We Are Almost There

We have been driving for ages and every time I ask "how much more time" and hey would say, “We Are Almost There."


9. Your Primary Class Grade Counts

God, I was so happy when I got an A. Guess, no one really cares.


10. God Is Always Watching You


11. Dad, Granny And I Are Allergic To Pets

And the dream to have a puppy or a kitty was crushed, just like that.


12. This Looks Good On You

The most horrendous clothes were bought and the worst part, you were made to wear them. Aww, you look so cute! Sometimes, they mathced you and your sister/brother in matching outfits. Yuck!


13. You Will Grow A Tree In Your Tummy

You swallowed a seed, now you will have a tree coming out of your stomach, ripping your intestine.


14. Drinking Tea Will Make You Dark


15. Just Eat It, It's Very Tasty

Remember how they tricked us into eating karela and baingan


16. The Shop Is Closed Today

Every time you badly wanted to go somewhere, that place was shut. According to them! Especially on Sundays. When they wanted to chill, I guess.

17. Bilkul Dard Nahin Hoga

You're going in for a blood test or getting an injection and they'd say this over and over again. AND, here's to you folks! 


I'm going to send this one to mom and dad right now. You?

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