18 Things Only An Engineer Will Relate To

Engineering is so over rated in our country yet engineers are grossly neglected! Their whole life is a struggle, starting with those tough four years. 

If you’ve endured the ordeal and the complete ecstasy that is engineering you’ll know all of these points are true.

1. The Only Hot Girls In Your College Are In the Other Classes

2. Sessionals, Internals, Externals.. The Limit Does Not Exist!

One day you wake up and realize that all you really do is to give exams


3. You Never Fail Exams, You Get A Back

Yaar, I got 4 backs this semester! 


4. The Biggest Problem During The Placement Interview Is.. 

.. Who has a darn tie?!

5. If You're A Guy, You've At Least Received 2 Death Threats For Talking To A Girl

"Wo meri bandi hai, teri himmat bhi kese hui usko hi bolne ki?"


6. If You're A Girl, You Get Stalked On A Daily Basis

7. You Practically Live On Chai – Sutta

What, chai – sutta is a proper meal okay! 

8. If You Live In A Boys Hostel, You're High All The Time

"Bhai, Old Monk ka stock khatam ho gya hai, chal theke par!"

9. Lending Your Friend Your Hard Disk Collection Is The Number One Rule Of Bro Code

Because you know, he would do the same for you! 

10. Your Attendance Decreases Exponentially Every Semester

Who would waste their time on boring lectures when there's so much interesting stuff to do! 

11. Your Career Objective Is.. 

.. To Clear all the backlogs!

12. Exams Are A Group Activity

United we stand. Divided we fall. 

13. Your Afifnity Towards Old Monk Increases Multifold


14. You Had A Mentor Who You Thought Was The Equivalent Of God To You


15. You Can Fit Any Amount Of Text On A Small Chit 


16. You Have The Capacity To Mug Up a 2000 Page Book in One Night. Exam Time!


17. You End Up Sucking Up To Professors and Lab Assistants For A Few Extra Marks and Attendance


18. Just When You Started Loving It. It Ended. 

Whatever said an done, they are the best 4-5 years of your life and they ain't coming back! EVER. 

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