20 Indian Desserts You Have To Try Before You Die

Food is a way of life in India. Whether it is a festival or any celebration everything seems incomplete without that touch of sweetness. All of the world might have a sweet tooth. But we Indians have sweet teeth. Perhaps, that is why one of us is always asking each other, 'kuch meetha ho jaye?'

Let's take you on a sweet, colorful, sinful, indulgent ride to India's yummiest desserts which can leave anyone asking for more! 

1. Kheer

Which Indian adult can say that they didn't eat it while it was kept in the fridge to cool even though mom had strictly forbade us to. 

I still remember the scolding, although I must confess it was every bit worth it! 

source: huffingtonpost

2. The Good Old Gajar Ka Halwa

Winters were and still are incomplete until I eat ridiculous amount of this extremely delicious, heart attack inducing devil's own invention!

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3. Mishti Doi 

This beloved dessert of Bengal is the easiest to prepare with ingredients that are readily available at home like curd, milk and jaggery. 

What's more: It's actually healthy for you. (For a change!)

source: jyotibabel

4. Phirni

Move over the Western two ingredient fad. We Indians have been rocking it since forever.

With just rice and milk this dessert can satisfy all the sugar craving you have!

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5. Ras Malai 

The distant cousin of Ras Gulla, it only adds up to the illustrious name of this family of Indian desserts. 

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6. Bal Mithai

Originally from Uttarakhand, this mithai is covered with sugar balls and is made from deep fried khoya. 

It tasted like chocolate to me! Chocolate or no chocolate the dessert is delicious! 

source: dishesfrommykitchen

7. Shufta

It comes from Kashmir and makes for a really good looking dessert. 

Too good to eat? It tastes even better! 

source: newsnextbd

8. Malpua

A famous Ramzan delicacy, it is made from everyday ingredients like flour and sugar!

source: mayagroupjaipur

9. Bebinca

A Goan delicacy, it is a layered cake made of flour, eggs and nutmeg. 

Is there anything Goa does not offer?!

source: couponraja

10. Ghevar

The festival of Teej is synonymous with yummy ghevars. 

One more reason why we love Indian festivals!

source: rajasthantourismbuzz

11. Kummayam

This Tamilian dessert is used as an offering to Gods during pujas. 

Fit for The Gods. more than fit for you!  

Source: kamlaskitchen

12. Pede

The tonnes of khoya you will bite into when you indulge in this sinful dessert will definitely satisfy your sugar craving. 

source: indorehd

13. Mysore Pak

This dessert hails from Karnataka and is made using flour, ghee and sugar. 

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14. Imarti

Another variation of much loved Jalebi, it is a deep fried dumpling crispy on the outside and is filled with sugar syrup.

Talk about a sugar rush! 

source: own chef

15. Qubani Ka Meetha

This dessert is originally from Hyderabad, and is made with dried apricots, lots of cream and sugar.

source: ajay ananth

16. Shrikhand

A part of Gujrati cuisine, it is made from a special thick yogurt called chakka. 

source: thefoodie

17. Mohan Thaal

A Rajasthani delicacy, it is prepared from sugar, ghee and gram flour. 

source: archnaskitchen

18. Shahi Tukda

A dessert made from the humble white bread. We Indians can make yummy desserts from anything and everything! 

source: milkmaid

19. Modak

A Maharashtrian dessert, it is a steamed dish made out of jaggery and coconut. 

source: cravecookclick

20. Chenna Poda

An Odia dessert, it is India's answer to Cheesecake. Made from baked ricotta cheese this dessert will blow your mind! 

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Which one of these would you eat first? Do let us know in the comments below! 

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