20 Words We Should Avoid In Our Daily Conversations

"I know such English that I will leave the British behind. You see sir, I can talk English, I can walk English, I can laugh English, I can run English, because English is such a funny language." – Namak Halal

We take English so seriously that we have started misusing it in various ways. Here we give 20 words we should stop misusing immediately:

1. Went

You know, we can also consider using drove, skated, walked, ran, flew. Just saying.

2. Honestly

So much honesty! Gandhi Ji would have been proud.

3. Literally

Friend: "The news literally crushed me!"

Me: "Then, how exactly are you standing here?"

4. That

Just open any document in your system right now. Ctrl+F, type "that". How many did you find?

5. Absolutely

Something is either necessary, or it is not. Adding 'absolutely' necessary doesn't make it more necessary.

6. Very

The word 'very' is a lazy way out of not using other adjectives. If you're very sad, perhaps you're in melancholy or in depression.

7. Really

That's a really, really bad habit!

8. Amazing

Meaning: causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing.

Synonyms: astonishing, astounding, surprising, bewildering, stunning, staggering, shocking, startling, stupefying, breathtaking.

Just in case, you need it.

9. Never

Find another word. Please.

10. Always

Forever seems like a nice word.

11. Just

It's a filler word, not a word to make your sentence stronger.

12. Maybe

Not too sure about the usage of the word ?

13. Stuff

Please stuff it in.

14. Things

See: Stuff

15. However

Nevertheless, it's all the same. No point explaining.

16. Generally

Not everything is so general.

17. Damn

It is used as an intensifier, especially a negative one. 

Friend: That was a damn good lunch. 

Me: Are you complimenting?

18. Whatever

This word reminds me of Kareena Kapoor from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.

19. Only

There are much beautiful synonyms of this word like sole, single, solitary, unique. Try using one!

20. Basically

Basically, the article has come to an end and you may proceed with your mundane lives.


People, the dictionary is full of beautiful words. Go ahead, use them judiciously.

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