The Most Jaw Droppingly Beautiful Tourist Spots for Photo Enthusiasts

If you are a travel enthusiast like me, you'll be thanking God for the Smartphone era! Your phone is no longer just a handy, easy to carry around camera, it is also a technically sound camera that allows the photo enthusiast in you to let your imagination run wild!

All my friends who are lovers of great trips and capturing memories of great trips now rely on their smartphone as a means of communication and as a means to take amazing photos. And I'll be honest, using filters and other effects that these devices allow, the pictures really are as awesome as if they were clicked by a pro camera! And hey, you can always take group selfies!

We've scoured the travel world and asked a bunch of travel bloggers as to "what are their favorite places in India to go for taking snaps?" And here are the top 11 answers we got! 

So pack a bag, call a few friends and grab your smartphone and visit these places-Don't forget to send us some snaps :)

1. ChanderTal Lake

It is situated in Himachal Pradesh and is known as the "Moon Lake". Photographers love it because its absolutely still and allows for the perfect "mirror imagery". Secondly, you can get a great shot of it with the Bhabha Pass since ChanderTal is situated between 2 Himalayan ranges. It's as if nature wanted you to come and just click away at this spot!

Image Source: vijay_v82 – Flickr


2.  The Tea Estates of Munnar

In SW Kerala, lies Munnar. It's become a hugely famous tourist spot and the below photograph shows you why. Renowned for its vast tea estates and plantations, the lush green and the sunlight that glazes the hill just so provides the perfect ambience to capture the local women picking out the best of tea for you!

Photographers love it because there is plenty of opportunity to talk to the locals and also capture some REAL emotions which tells a whole story of their lifestyle and livelihood.

Source: Yanidel

3. Belum Caves

Located in Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh, these are the longest caves in India. They are known for their stalactitie and stalagmite formations (geography class throwback) and are a favorite spot for explorers and photographers alike. Photographers especially like it for the abundance of opportunities these caves offer to take snaps of formations that remind them of something. India shaped, a woman's figure, a dog etc. Secondly, the lighting (both artificial and natural) really allows for a lot of varied hues for capturing explorers admiring these caves!

Image Source: harikrish.h – Flickr


4. Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji

The tallest plunge waterfall in India. There is a sad and powerful story behind the story of the name which means "Jump of Likai". Likai was a woman who jumped off the cliffs next to the fall because she was abandoned by her first husband.

It's a popular spot for travel bloggers and photo enthusiasts because of the stunning long shots and aerial views you can get as well as the serene way in which these falls into a peaceful pool of water at the bottom

source: scoopwhoop

5. Agatti Islands

Tourists flock here since its one of the few places in India where you get absolutely clear water. It's one of those things you look forward to when traveling to Bali and Mauritius because Indians rarely get to see fish and stingray swimming around their feet. Lakshwadeep luckily provides us a chance to take Selfies with Fishes!

6. The Golden Temple, Amritsar

Simply put-it's vibe is absolutely unique. As soon as you step into the area surrounding this legendary landmark, you know there's something special about it. The grandiose of the gold plated architecture, the calm and smiling sevaks who man the langars, the Temple in the midst of the water and the melodic hymns transport you to another world. 

The golden temple has a vintage charm about it that is a photographers delight. At a single destination your lens can capture humanity, architectural magnificence and real emotion.

7. Key Monastery

Key Gompa is a Buddhist monastery started by a 100 monks in 1855. I think the best part about this place from a tourist perspective is the interaction you can have with the monks! They have a completely different take on life and literally are above moh-maya. Nestled in a valley, this quiet monastery makes for an Instagram delight. Most photographers may want to come ans setlle down here for a few days as you won't be able to get enough of the panoramic shots and time-lapse opportunities that this Gompa offers!

source: scoopwhoop

8. Mumbai

I think Mumbai is a must have on this list. The city is several microcosms within a huge microcosm of bursting energy and madness! The NYC of the east is just one small facet of Bombay. A photographer can spend weeks here peeling away layer upon layer of this city and its associated ecosystem of business and lifestyle. The book Shantaram comes to mind when thinking of Mumbai from a photographer's perspective since the author so accurately describes the vast difference between the rich and poor of Mumbai yet how they are all similar in outlook-considering their city to be the city of dreams!

Must visit destination for snaps- Marine Drive, Dharavi, Cuffe Parade & at night-the erstwhile mills that are now the places for hobnobbing for the city's urbane youth!

9. Deodar Forest, Himachal Pradesh

The forest that is packed tight with Deodar trees makes a picturesque spot for a trek. Strongly advise to travel with a group of friends or fellow trek lovers and maybe a bird watcher as well! The light morning fog whispering through the tress is a MUST capture!

source: flickr

We'd Love Your Feedback on These Places and Would Love To Hear On What You Think are The Most Photogenic Tourist Spots in India!

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