9 Most Common Types Of Men At A Gym

I've tried to cover few of the most common people you'll meet or see at the gym. There could be more. Feel free to comment and add to the list! 
So, without further ado, here's the list. Have you seen people like them?

1. The one who’s determined to shed all their fat within 6 months


2. The lascivious trainer who only signs up for the job because of girls.


3. That hot girl who exercises alone and doesn’t talk to anyone.

4. The guy who gets ripped in less than 6 months. What the hell is he on?

5. The one always in front of the mirror after each set. Snapchat is part of their routine.

6. The One fit guy who everyone’s jealous of

7. People who try hard and exercise but always look the same


8. The self-proclaimed multi-millionaire uncle. Always bragging about his business.


9. The guy giving free advice on exercise techniques

But sadly no one needs your tips and tricks

Enjoy the gym when you go there next! 

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