Hindu-Muslim’s Unite Over Protest on Beef Ban

While Maharashtra and Haryana have pulled the plug on the beef-serving fraternity, down south in Kerala, the story is extremely different.

There was a token protest organized in Kerala attended by people from both religions.

What was on the menu-Beef curry! 

Organizer B Biju told NDTV, "This is a token protest against the ban of beef in Maharashtra and a warning for anyone who would want to implement the same in Kerala. Any ban our food will not be acceptable." 

According to NDTV: 

"Interestingly, beef sales figures in the state clearly show that it is Kerala's favourite meat. "It is estimated at 2.3 lakh metric tonnes against the corresponding figure for poultry — 1.51 lakh metric tonnes,"

Clearly, this state loves its Beef & no wonder they are protesting!

Kudos to the style of protestation-if nothing else, Hindu-Muslim unity is clearly a winner here!

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