16 Reasons Why Being Single Is Just Awesome

As great as it is to be in a relationship, there are some absolutely amazing advantages of being single!

1. Your Phone Does Not Always Have to Be Charged..

This image does not freak you out (especially in the night when you're better half is wondering where you are)

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2. The Money You Save on Gifts is Spent on Soul Satisfying Food & Clothes…


3. You Don't Waste Time & Brain Cells Predicting and Thinking About "The Future"..

The Only Person You Focus On is "A Future Version of You"

source: buzzfed.com

4. Compromise is Not a Word in Your Vocabulary. 

Your Dictionary Only Consists of "I Can Do Whatever I Want"…

Source: Universal Pictures

5. When You Go Out to Eat, You Go To Your Favorite Place Each Time. 

Source: lifehack.org

6. The Phone is Not the Center of Your Universe..

You Make Fun of Your Friends Who Are Always Getting a Recharge. Especially The Ones Who Have 2 Sim Cards..

Source: ScrollDroll

7. There is No Awkward PDA That You Have to Deal With…


8. You Don't Have to Attend a Party and Worry Whether Your Friends Are Getting Along With Him/Her…


9. You Don't Have to Hear Yourself Say Things Like – "Aww.. my baby, my cutie pie..my jaan"…


10. You Feel Zero Guilt Checking Out As Many Cute Guys/Girls As You Want...


11. Getting Happy High and Doing Crazy Stuff Does Not End in Being Judged…


12. Having Close Friends of The Opposite Sex Does Not Lead to World War 3…


13. There is SO Much More Time To Do The Things You Love..Your Work, Your Hobbies, Your Passions…


14. No One Questions Why You Have 12 New Friends on Facebook Who Are Boys..

Or Why Your Best Friend on Snapchat is No Longer Your Boyfriend..


15. You Have The Luxury of Choice..


16. You Never Ever Ever Have To Walk Out of A Party And Stand Talking on The Phone…

Or Worse Fighting While Your Friends Are Having a Blast And Wondering Where You Are..

Source: reykissna.worpress.com

What Do You Think is The Best Part of Being Single?

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