14 Historical Images That Define The India of Today!

14 Images That Make You Fall in Love With India More Than Ever..These truly are National Treasures!

1. How Distinguished Air India Hostesses Looked in the Bygone Era

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2. Our 2 Ex-Prime Ministers' Take a JoyRide on The Moscow Subway

3. At 21 Yrs of Age , Sarla Thakral Does India Proud By Becoming the Country's First Female Pilot 

This one is by far my favorite image!

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4. Anna Hazare, Before The Dharnas and Those Never Ending Fasts

5. The Indian Ambulances in 1940s Look Way More Reliable…

6. Sunil Gavaskar Checking if The 1983 World Cup is Real

7. When Indians & Pakistanis Could Have a Meal Together Anytime..

A Food Stall in Lahore Which Was in India in 1946

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8. If You Had Any Doubt That Foreigners Equated India To Yoga & Salvation..

The Beatles at a Yogi Ashram in Rishikesh

9. The Last Known Photograph of Bhagat Singh in Jail

Sincere request: Please take a moment and let this photo and what it means sink in. Thank you. 

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10. We Usually See People Climb Trees To See Cricket; This Man Did it to See Gandhiji..

11. Side By Side-2 Geniuses; One from The World of Literature & One From Science

12. The Birth of Bollywood. A Movie Without Sound But One That Said So Much

Raja Harishchandra from 1913

Source: Cinetext

13. The Cricket Series Where A Child Became A Man Who Carried a Nation's Dreams!

Source: iamjk.com

14. Sharmila Tagore Challenging The Social Norms About Bikinis & Indian Women

And Saira Banu Challenging The "Typical Indian Housewife" Image..

Source: IndiaToday

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