12 Spooky Places In Kolkata You Should Only Visit With Your Bros

City of Joy and Palaces? Located on the east bank of the Hoooghly River, Kolkata is the commercial, cultural and educational centre of East India. It also is home to one of the scariest places in the country. 

Here's a list of 12 places you should only visit if you're daring enough! 

1. National Library 

The national library is said to be one of  the most haunted places in the city. The belief here is that Lady Metcalfe who used to reside here had an OCD for cleanliness and hated it if anything was out of place.  So, even now if you go to the library's main reading room and sit there for a while, you might feel her breathing down your neck and her presence lurking in the air.  


2. The Royal Calcutta Turf Club – The City's Race Course

The race course has quite a spooky story. There was a person named George Williams, an race maniac, whose horse was found dead one day after losing the Annual Calcutta Derby. So even now, on moonlit Saturday nights in the city, if you look around, you'd spot a white horse gallopping arcoss the racecourse. 


3. Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station  

Around 70% of the total suicides in Kolkata have been committed at the Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station. According to the drivers of the metro and passengers who get off from the last Metro at 10:30pm, there are eerie and unclear silhouettes that vanish into the rain tracks. 


4. Lower Circular Road Cemetery

The lower circular road cemetery is home to the grave of Sir W.H Mac Naghten whose body was ripped apart in Afghanistan. His wife had apparently collected all the remaining pieces of his body and buried them in this cemetery. Apparently, if someone narrates the incident of his death near this grave, then the huge tree above his grave shivers. 


5. Putulbari – The House Of Dolls

This place is just spooky as the name suggests. But the story here is that this building was originally occupied by Zamindars who sexually exploited women in here. The souls of those women are still said to hover around the upper stories of this building. 


6. Nimtala Burning Ghat

They say one can see paranomal figures here on the night of Kali Puja. Also, according to a local, on the nights the "Aghoris" come, they feed on the leftover flesh from the burning pyre and use them to evoke supernatural powers. 


7. The Ganges, Right Under The Howrah Bridge

According to the wrestlers, who practice at the Mullick Ghat and Zanana Bathing Ghat, during the wee hours of the morning, one can see waving hands in the water. According to them, those are spirits of people who gave up their lives either accidently or by committing suicide, by jumping into the ganges. 


8. South Park Street Cemetery

Almost everyone whose lived in Kolkata has experienced the night life of Park Street. But not many know that the primitive name of this street is 'Burial Road'. Stories of supernatural figure sightings at the cemetery have been doing rounds for many years now. No figure has been identified though. Although, eyewitnesses say that a foggy humanly figure has been spotted regularly at the grounds in the early mornings and late evenings. 


9. The Writers Building, BBD Bag 

It is believed that the Spirit of Captain Simpson of the British East India Company, who was killed by revolutionaries still resides in the building. Roadside vendors outside the building have often reported the sound of footsteps and voices from inside the building after the earthly hours. 


10. Hastings House

Located in Alipore, Hastings House is one of the oldest buildings in Kolkata. As of now, Calcutta University runs a womens college here. Some people have complained of a ghost of an Englishman on a horse asking for some files while some people have complained to have seen the ghost of a boy who died on campus while playing football. Apparently, a few girls have also gotten possessed here. 


11. The Kolkata Dock

The area was originally owned by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Awadh. After the East India Company snatched his kingdom, the nawab took refuge in the area which now holds the Kolkata docks. It is believed that the spirit of the Nawab still resides here to take revenge from the British Empire. And since the Nawab was fond of music, stories of classical music being heard have been doing rounds for quite some time. 


12. The National Museum in Chowranghee

Visitors at the museum have heard a lot of sounds made by anklets that women wear during dance performances. Members of the organization have always refuted these claims. 

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So what are you waiting for? Share it with your friends and plan yout trip across the city of JOY!

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