You’ll Never Believe What India’s Richest Cricketers Do With Their Money!

These Indian Cricketers Really Know How To Spend Their Money!

And We Thought Only Footballers in the Premier League Were Spoilt Boys 😉

1. Sachin Tendulkar- USD 115 mn

His Toys: 50 Cars

His Pad: A Cool 39 Cr Bungalow in Bandra Which He Spent Another 40 Crore on to Renovate!

Best Money Spent: Adopted a Village in Andhra Pradesh!


2. MS Dhoni- USD 85 mn

His Fav Toys: Harley Davidson, Hellcat, Hummer, Audi

His Pad: A luxurius house in Ranchi.


3. Sourav Ganguly-USD 55 mn

His Cars- Sourav Ganguly is rumored to have a whopping 32 cars!

His Pad: His is one of the top 5 richest families in Kolkata with a house of 48 rooms


4. Virender Sehwag- USD 40 mn

Spends on: Created a school in Delhi NCR. His prized possession is his Bentley and BMW 5


5. Yuvraj Singh- USD 25 mn

Spends On: Yuvraj Singh has a bevy of cars worth a gross amount of Rs 6.5 crores and a grandiose house in Mumbai worth about Rs. 60 crores. The jewel of his toys is his Lamborghini Gallardo


6. Bhajji- USD 25 mn

Spends on: A lavish house in Chandigarh worth over 7 crores and a Hummer


7. Gautam Gambhir- USD 20 mn

Spends on: It appears that Gambhir does not like to spend and is more of a saver; his car is a simple 4 seater-Toyota Corolla.

8. Virat Kohli- USD 15 mn

His Toys- This upcoming start is the hottest brand ambassador and now owns an Audi A8!

He Drove Chris Gayle Around Delhi in His Car Once During IPL!


9. Shikhar Dhawan- USD 10 mn

Hot on the heels of Virat, India's opener is a brand ambassador for the prestigious Tag Heur!

10.  Ravindra Jadeja- USD 4.5 mn

After the stellar list of cricketers above, Jadeja is next in line to be one of India's welathiest athletes. 

Spends On: Hayabusa superbike and an Audi A4. He has a unique hobby-his passion for horses! Here he is standing with the horse he owns.


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