15 Things Only A Short Tempered Man Will Relate To

How often do you lose your temper or know someone who does?

I, you, the person sitting right next to you, as a matter of fact, we all lose our temper over the pettiest and the tiniest things, at times. From a broken nail to someone you don’t like, there will be plenty of reasons for a short tempered person to get mad over.

Let’s get to know people with ‘Anger Management Issues’ better.

15 Things People With Short Tempers Will Totally Understand!

1. Everyone and everything today is unreasonable… or is it just me?

Every person with relatively short temper will ask himself or herself the question; the day they feel like exploding. And you know the answer, don’t you?

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2. That intense urge to attack verbally and let yourself go..

The innovative yet highly creative diction of abuses you come up with when you are mad at somebody.

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3. The desire to just stab everyone else

There will be days when a short tempered person would just want to stab everything that exists.

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4. That eternal fake grin to hide the boiling anger

Those moments when you cannot scream or yell and you put on that fake smile and inside you're head you are like, ‘Oh, kill me (Before I kill you).’

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5. The Temperature Rising Gets Your Temperature Up!

Summers are not the season to be around a short tempered person..they just conveniently blame the hot weather…

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6. Their Favorite Dialogue-I’m not mad for NO reason!

Like everything that exists is giving you the reason to be mad and your anger is justified. 'And we are supposed to deal with it, no matter what!' 

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7. All Short Tempered People Have 1 Person They Pick On..That one poor soul.

There’s always an easy target to yell at, to scream at and so on and he/she is the default person who bears their wrath…

Source: onlyjoni.files.wordpress.com

8. Serious case of Munchies.

It is a natural process as per a short-tempered person to eat without keeping a tab.

Source: s3.scoopwhoop.com

9. If stares could kill.

That moment when you are mad at someone and all you could do is glare them, shooting daggers with your eyes.

Source: alexandrachaos.files.wordpress.com

10. Will CAPSLOCK you to death.

When your fingers just get possessed and you type faster than the speed of light with your caps ON to highlight your point even more!

Source: cdn.ymaservices.com

11. Throwing and breaking stuff

Your phone has gone through a lot. You throw it in every other heated conversation..and then you get mad that its broken and you have to buy a new one..grrrr

Source: media.tumblr.com

12. I don’t know what took over me, I’m sorry.

The most clichéd dialogue a short tempered would throw after cooling down.

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13. Bawling my eyes out!

Sometimes you are just so angry that you choose a silent corner to kill the silence with your crying.

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14. If only you could just punch someone in face.

Boxing sacks are the best companion in the times when you just want to punch someone or everyone.

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15. Don’t talk back!

No short temper person likes to argue & they just don’t want anyone else in the room to argue back… 

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